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The 4 signs that underestimate others

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The 4 signs that underestimate others

They look down on them

They are the ones who think they are the best. They have arrogance in them and do not accept that they are equal and similar to the rest. They believe that they were born with talents and talents and that they should be awarded the title of the best from the cradle. Let's see which zodiac signs we are talking about.


Gemini considers himself superior on a mental level. He believes that no one is as smart as he is. That no one has their own humor and communication skills. He underestimates the intelligence of others, feeling that he can fool everyone, without even taking him seriously, and that he can handle and direct them. He considers the other to be stupid or at least not as agile as he is. But… the clever bird is caught by the nose and many times Gemini “treads” it.


If you have ever had sex with Leo, then τότε you know. You know how arrogant she is. You have lived it in your own skin. This zodiac sign believes that he was born a king and that the scepter and the crown should still be given to him from the cradle. He takes it for granted that everyone should bow to his greatness and superiority. He always looks down on others and does not even consider them equal. What to do with him? This is the… “blue blood” of the zodiac.

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Virgo, apart from being a perfectionist, believes that only she knows – and no one else – and can do everything right and perfectly. She underestimates those around her and considers them all below expectations. She does not believe that they can reach her own standards and that is why she often undertakes to do the various jobs. It is a common occurrence for a Virgo to underestimate the people of either her family environment, her professional environment, or her respective partners.


Unlike Virgo who underestimates everyone and everything in her life, Capricorn tends to underestimate his… colleagues or competitors. In his career he believes that he is the best and that only he can succeed in difficult times, with his experiences and skills. He is never satisfied with the results of others and believes that he would do them even better. He does not even accept that his boss deserves the position and tries to become the one in charge to keep his head. Quiet. That is, to know that after he took over, everything is done correctly and as it should be.

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