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The 5 messages sent by Averof Neophytou – A second reading of the Supreme Leader of DISY

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The next day of the Supreme Council of the Democratic Alarm last Sunday, probably moved based on the plans of Averof Neophytos. What was heard in the background and whispered in political wells about a host of issues regarding the party's interior is now a thing of the past. President Anastasiadis clearly made his choice in favor of Averoff and left clear hints about splits of the faction, photographing Nikos Christodoulidis.

Institutionally, in short, Averof Neophytou comes out strengthened, having established in the consciousness of the alarmists that he is not going down in the upcoming presidential elections to lose. What remains, of course, is that in the coming weeks this feeling will be reflected in the polls that will emerge. In the last month, the battle has brought Averoff to control the majority of the party. All that remains now is to achieve as much aggregation as possible. The message to the Alarms is clear: Cyprus is currently going through difficult times. He is still battling the pandemic, he is affected by a war, but he may have at his helm a politician who can command the ship.

What were the messages that sounded in the ears of the Alarmists on the day of the Conference? According to various DISY executives with whom we spoke, five were the main messages that were sent and received:

Message one

The section

From the members of the Supreme Council, which is essentially the backbone of the party, to the President of the Republic, the voice of unity was heard decisively.

Even the speech and the tone of the President of the Republic himself put the data on the right footing by erasing every whisper, especially when he said that no one who has served the faction has the right to split, to seduce, to divide the party. Thus putting Nikos Christodoulidis before his responsibilities and implying that the defeat of Averoff is a defeat of the Democratic Alarm and its government.

It is no coincidence that the party proposes all the work and political presence of its President from 2013 until today in Parliament, on the subject of the battles he won, bringing a positive result for the country, starting from the economy. >

Averof Neophytou proposes this section today for the Democratic Alarm, and he did it after he had opened the procedures to any interested party and last Sunday, as emphatically as the President of the Republic did in his own speech. The Democratic Alarm, said Averof Neophytou, is not Averoff. “We are all together. Leadership, former leadership, executives, members and the people who trust us. We fight together, we win together “. In order for the President of the Republic to bid, in an array regarding the recipient of the message, that only discord can make DISY lose power.

Second message

The victory

The Alarm goes down with a candidate. This “clearing of accounts” was done by the President of the Republic, but also by the president of the party. Trojan Horses of the opposition that will imitate the people of the “base”. Because, say party officials, this will pave the way for the return of the country to the past.

For the party, any announcement of candidacy by another Alarm executive brings back memories of 2003 when Glafkos Clerides and Alekos Markidis came down as candidates. It automatically means division, betrayal and facilitation of AKEL to overthrow, by illegal means, the Alarm by the government.

After all, the opposition parties have publicly stated that the sole goal is to remove DISY from power.

“For us, one is the plan and no other. “Until the end for the victory”, said the President of the Republic, assisting what Haris Georgiadis had said in his own speech, that all the opportunities and possibilities provided by the Democratic Alarm for possible other candidates of the party were completed. >

Message three


The Democratic Alarm bets on the fact that the society recognizes the responsible policies implemented by the party and has even rewarded DISY for their production in the last seven electoral contests.

Avoiding a return to the bad past of the country , in the midst of another international crisis such as the war in Ukraine, the dimensions and effects of which the president of DISY took care to put in the public sphere from an early age, were among the main messages that emerged from the Supreme Council.

Party sources emphasize that despite the undeniable positive work of the Anastasiadis government and the strong legacy it leaves, the effects of the war in our country and on the personal well-being of every citizen can be immediate and great, so this return to the past should not be done. from any person or mask that appears.

In this direction, the personality and work of Averof Neophytos as a politician tested in hardships or gunpowder, as he likes to say describing himself, is the main message that the Democratic Alarm seeks to pass to society. p>

Message four

Adequate leadership

So that this setback does not happen, the country needs stable leadership and a leader who has the skills to manage complex situations and bring positive results.

The course of the government and the Democratic Alarm, say party sources, and the positive results it has brought by drastically changing the country for the better, is the yeast that must not be lost, and with which the future of the country will be built. >

The assistance of the Recovery Fund will come to this course as an additional helper of the reform project so far and this is the positive political sign that Averof Neophytou has in his quiver since the Democratic Alarm, finding bridges with other political forces in starred to get the country out of the memoranda and to produce a major reform project afterwards. And this is the path that the president of DISY seeks to keep open for all the issues that concern the place:

From the Cyprus issue that he puts at every opportunity to the biggest reform of the country, with a correct solution on the agreed framework, up to the accountability and the enhancement of transparency, which Averof Neophytou was the first to ask for for himself and for the entire political system through proposals, such as the incompatible for politicians and their families.

Fifth message

The future

As is logical and expected, the president of DISY during his speech at the Supreme gave the first stigma of the political program, stating very specific moves through a comprehensive and structured plan for the next day./p>

• The whole state on the citizen's mobile.

• Affordable housing for all young couples and opportunities for young people to start their own business.

• Radical educational reform. With all-day school.

• Support for the modern family and the working mother. With day care centers and kindergartens, flexible hours.

• New policy for refugees, based on government preparation.

And a negative message

During the Supreme, nothing was heard about the Cyprus issue. Averof Neophytou felt that he should not raise it before President Anastasiadis who came to support him, but he knows that he downplayed it. Averof Neophytou has a clear picture of how he will manage our national problem if elected. On the other hand, the opinion has prevailed that it is a free gift to shake the Cyprus issue while Nikos Anastasiadis remains President.

Source: politis.com.cy

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