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The 5 signs that will not leave a relationship, even if it hurts

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The 5 signs that will not leave a relationship, even if it hurts

They sit and suffer, instead of separating

Even if they see that their bond is not pulling, these zodiac signs will find it very difficult to make the decision to divorce. They will prefer to stay in the relationship, no matter how much they suffer, than to say goodbye to their partner. Who is she;


When Pisces is asked to decide whether to break his own heart or that of his / her partner, then the decision for him / her is simple. He will choose to suffer himself, rather than hurt the other. So it is by nature. He sacrifices himself for what he loves or… loved until recently. He does not have the necessary vigor to cause pain to someone and if he does then he will feel crazy remorse. He prefers to suffer within himself or outside, rather than seeing the other cry or hurt because of him.

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From the moment Cancer decides to enter a relationship, 100% of it is given. He will do anything to save his bond or marriage and will even go to extremes. No matter how much he hurts or suffers, he will continue to offer opportunities to the other side and will not easily give up the fight. He will do not see the problems that exist between him and his partner, he will ignore them and will move on. He will stay in this bond as long as he can or until the other person leaves.


Virgo will only have a relationship when she is sure that she has found the person who meets her requirements 100%. He has checked it, he has examined it and since it is all he wants and asks for, then he will commit. So from the moment he enters the relationship he will do his best to keep her and not see her break up. And this is mainly because she does not want to admit to herself that she has made a mistake. And that it is not perfect and of course, fell out of her estimates.


Taurus is a responsible person and hates chaos. He seeks stability in his life, while the changes frighten and terrify him. A separation means that ups and downs will come in his life and that for Taurus is something scary. So, in order not to change his life, his routine, his daily life, etc., he will prefer to stay in a relationship no matter how finished it is. He will compromise, he will endure the “pain”, as long as he does not have to get up from his couch to look for a new love.

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Libra is the number one link in the zodiac. It is probably the best sign to have / no relationship because he gives everything for his partner and will do everything to keep his relationship away from tensions, disagreements and separations. He is terrified of the idea that he will be left alone. He is also undecided, so it is difficult for him to choose what to do. He will stay in a relationship until the last moment and will exhaust all his endurance. If things get tough and unbearable, then he will find the next station and then he will break up.

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