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The 9 proposals of EDEK that were included in the budget

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The 9 proposals of EDEK that were included in the budget

Nine EDEK proposals were accepted by the government and included in the state budget while another four are pending according to the statements of its president Marinos Sizopoulos.

These are the proposals of EDEK that after the intensive contacts with the Ministers of the Government, were accepted and have been included in the new revised budget:

1. Determination of minimum pension.

2. Granting a pension to 63 to employees in heavy and unhealthy occupations without cutting the 12%.

3. Subsidy of working mothers for the care of their children in nurseries.

4. Increase in the amount of housing subsidy in the 259 disadvantaged communities according to the plan that has already been announced by 10 to 30 thousand euros for each additional family.

5. Inclusion in the plan of the remaining 134 communities that were excluded with a housing subsidy of 15-20 thousand euros on a case by case basis.

6. Extension of the time of regulation of urban planning issues by one year (until 31.12.2022) and inclusion in them of the right to change the use of the premises, legalization of mezzanine floor for shops up to 80 sq.m. and the provision of free parking spaces so that this business can have its operating license.

7. Promotion of a program of subsidized installation of photovoltaic systems in the residences of permanent residents of mountainous and semi-mountainous communities, in order to reduce the price of electricity they pay.

8. Combating tax evasion and speeding up the process of refunding to the beneficiaries of VAT and Income Tax.

9. Addition to the budget of the necessary amount for the promotion of the SYP and the volunteer NCOs of E.F.

In addition, the final decisions of the Government are pending for the following proposals submitted by EDEK:

1. Establishment of the Special Court for Financial Affairs so that the borrowers who disagree with the over-indebtedness of the banks can resort to it and until the trial of the case to suspend the sale process.

2. Granting the right to the borrower to repurchase his loan for a first home and a small business home at 50-55% of its value before selling to a Loan Repurchase Company

3. Submitting a request to the Legal Service for an opinion on whether, according to the current legislation of the GESS, patients are entitled to receive the medicines, consumables and laboratory tests included in the relevant lists, which are prescribed by specialist doctors outside the GESS, because we want to help those patients who do not have insurance from the vulnerable groups of the population and unfortunately it is not possible to replace their doctor and

4. Reinstatement within the framework of specific criteria of the Policy Statement for the agricultural parcels for residential development purposes.

Once again, EDEK declares that with constructive synergy it will continue to be by the side of the citizen and his daily problems.

Asked by a journalist if EDEK is optimistic about the acceptance of all four pending proposals, Mr. Sizopoulos answered:

“This will depend on the government despite the fact that in some of them the President of the Republic during the last meeting with the leaders of the political parties had already taken a positive position. But from there on, the announcement of the implementation of the specific proposals is left “.

To the question whether EDEK will be positively positioned in the revised budget, Mr. Sizopoulos answered:

“When we have the final proposals for all four issues that are pending, then the Politburo of the party will be convened, which will be informed in detail and will make its final decision.”

Source: www.philenews.com

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