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The aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle and his entourage left Cyprus – What the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated

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“The aircraft carrier & # 8220; Charles de Gaulle & # 8221; and his entourage left Cyprus “in order to adapt” to the new situation “, in relation to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, announced on Thursday night, the Minister of Defense of France, Florence Parley.

that the French aircraft carrier had departed for the Mediterranean in early February, initially to take part in the fight against the Islamic State organization in Syria and Iraq.

His planes will fly north to Romanian territory, where they will have the ability to observe and deter, the minister said, stressing that “the mission is strictly deterrent” and that France “has no military intentions.” He recalled that France had carried out “air missions since the beginning of the invasion of Ukraine”, stating:

“As of February 24, we have been sending fighter jets and their supplies from France to carry out these protection missions for the benefit of the Baltic states and Poland.” her visit to Romania on Sunday to visit French soldiers there, saying:

“We have developed them because we owe help and solidarity to countries that belong to the European Union, that belong to the Atlantic Alliance and that are closest to this conflict. We want to send a deterrent message to Russia, so that it does not take another step and put it in its head to cross this limit, which is recommended by the Atlantic Alliance. “We are a country bound by a solidarity pact and Russia knows that if any of us were attacked, then the whole Alliance would retaliate.”

“France wants to signal to Russia that we are protecting ourselves and that we will defend ourselves if we are attacked. We are also sending a message to our partners, our allies, to whom we owe solidarity and assistance. “France will do this by sending, as it currently does, 500 troops to Romania,” Parley added.

Ukrainians “, refusing, as noted, to give more details.

Source: cnn.gr

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