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The all-new Toyota C-HR, Toyota's new wonder, has been revealed!

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The new Toyota C-HR is the model of strategic electrification

Αποκαλύφθηκε το ολοκανο&upsilon ;ργιο Toyota C-HR, το νéο θαyμα της Toyota!

The brand new Toyota C-HR was presented for the first time before the representatives of the Cypriot M.M.E. at an exclusive event in the heart of Nicosia and specifically in Eleftheria Square, winning impressions and captivating the eyes with its boldly unique design and the unconventional philosophy that characterizes its inspiration.

This is a landmark model for Toyota, a concept car for the road, which stands out because it is both bold and unconventional, fulfilling all the conditions to soon conquer the roads across Europe.

Αποκαλύφθηκε τ ο andomicron; ?ς Toyota!

The new Toyota C-HR is an extremely impressive car all set to attract even more attention, making it clear that Toyota remains true to what made the Toyota C-HR a success 1st generation which, as it turned out, perfectly adapted to the taste of European customers.

With Toyota's request to put European customers first, the new model's chief engineer, Mr. Toshio Kanei moved to Toyota Motor Europe 3 years ago, to lead the entire development in Europe, with the entire European team in his side. The result of this team effort is the new Toyota C-HR that exceeds all expectations and justifies the hard work that went into its design.

Αποκαλyφθηκε τ ο andomicron; ?ς Toyota!

During the presence of the new model, Mr. Loukas Leonidou, Marketing & CX Manager of Toyota Cyprus, after welcoming and thanking the attendees for their presence, said that the new miracle of Toyota, the all-new C-HR and its official first presentation in Cyprus, is an important moment for the entire history of Toyota. At the same time, Mr. Leonidou noted that: “In this second generation, Toyota C-HR, we have carefully studied the needs of the customers we want to target in the future.

They said nothing is harder than developing the 2nd generation of an Iconic Productand this is a great truth! We had to investigate how the 1st generation attracted customers in Europe. Always starting from the customer-centric approach. The 1st generation Toyota C-HR was aimed at those who are not afraid to stand out. This is the DNA of the Toyota C-HR and we must not change it. Young customers are still very style oriented, but they are now also digitally native, sustainability sensitive and want to express themselves even more. Therefore, we decided to enhance the refined flavors for the 2nd generation, for the exterior and interior styling with a good harmony of premium ride quality and user experience concept. So, we carefully considered what should be kept as the original C-HR flavor, what should be added and what should be drasticallychanged.”

Αποκαλyφθηκε τ ο andomicron; ?ς Toyota!

Then, Mr. Angelos Loizidis, Product Manager of Toyota Cyprus, took over the baton of the presentation, who highlighted in his presentation the advantages of the new Toyota C-HR, as they arise from its special technical characteristics and its hybrid character. Mr. Loizidis mentioned, among other things, the emphasis on the model's design and practicality, the 5th generation hybrid technology system, the user's unique digital experience and TOUOTA T MATE. Mr. Loizidis, declared “I think we have the right to feel proud of our diamond but above all excited because after 7 years of successful course, we are together again for the presentation of the 2nd generation, in a unique space that absolutely matches the design philosophy of the model. We designed our new C-HR to have exterior lines with a more compact silhouette, with larger wheels and a wider stance. All are designed to impart a dynamic forward motion in three dimensions. This dynamic feel is further enhanced by bold color lines, which create dynamism even when the vehicle is stationary. Also, to make the door surfaces cleaner and stronger, we have introduced recessed door handles, a first for TOUOTA. Our inspiration for the interior is ''Emotive Comfort Tech''. This means achieving real driving excitement and an enhanced experience in a comfortable atmosphere. All functional elements are concentrated in the driver's belt, while the wing-like design surrounds all passengers. In fact, it is the sense of the richness of the materials, and the depth of craftsmanship that complement the design and give it a sense of excellence.”

Αποκαλyφθηκε τ ο andomicron; ?ς Toyota!

Excitement and applause followed the presentations with the unveiling of the new Toyota C-HR, which is based on the latest 5th generation hybrid system, contributing to and further enhancing the driving experience.

The main goals with the 5th generation hybrid system are increased efficiency and higher performance to improve the driving experience. With upgraded software and hybrid system calibration based on extensive customer data analysis. As a result the new Toyota C-HR has more performance with both the 1.8 engine by +14% and the 2.0 liter by +7%.

Αποκαλύφθηκε τοο&lambda ;οκαiνουργιο Toyota C-HR, το νεο θαyμα της Toyota!

Αποκαλψφθηκε τ ο andomicron; ?ς Toyota!

Αποκαλψφθηκε τ ο andomicron; ?ς Toyota!

The new model provides better acceleration with lower CO2 and lower fuel consumption. Meanwhile, another new feature offered in the Toyota C-HR hybrid is Intelligent all wheel drive, a feature that provides peace of mind to the driver in slippery conditions, both in terms of control and actual efficiency, creating an environment for more fun driving in higher speeds in low-grip conditions, with improved cornering performance.

With a view to reducing the carbon footprint as much as possible and as soon as possible, Toyota offers a wide range of engine solutions under the so-called multi- epilogues. So the new Toyota C-HR is offered 100% electrified, with 4 different variants: 1.8 liter HEV, 2 liter HEV, 2 liter HEV All Wheel Drive and finally, for the first time, with a 2 liter PHEV version.


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