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The all-new Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid is coming

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Ερχεται τολ&omicron ;καiνουργιο Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid

The all-new Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid is a fact. This is the fifth generation Prius with a striking new look and improved plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) technology.

The impressive fifth-generation Toyota Prius writes the next chapter in a groundbreaking story of engineering innovation and dynamic design, maintaining a tradition of transcending convention and the trivial.

Revolutionary history and modern evolution >

Since its first launch in 1997, the Prius has had a lasting impact on Toyota and the world as a whole, establishing this particular model as revolutionary for the entire automotive industry, as it emphasized electrification and largely defined future trends. The new generation, which will be available exclusively as a Plug-in Hybrid in Europe, takes the next step in this journey.

As a trailblazer for new technologies, the Prius inspired the future of other models, and its latest generation continues that pioneering spirit. The new generation of Toyota's Plug-in Hybrid system is the cutting edge of development with enhanced performance through an enhanced high-capacity battery and ultra-low combined CO2 WLTP emissions of 11 g/km, the lowest ever recorded for a Prius.

The above features make the Prius a car with a dual DNA: an EV range long enough to allow all-electric daily driving on most routes, combined with the flexibility and convenience of a highly efficient hybrid for longer distances .

Every trip, whether it's a short urban trip or a longer road trip, is sure to excite the senses thanks to the more powerful engine generator and two-liter engine with a combined output of 223 DIN hp (164kW) that offers dynamic and flexible acceleration.

The well-known Prius signature design has evolved to a new, more dynamic level with a silhouette that approaches that of a coupe, immediately catching the eye and the senses. The model has been developed on the second-generation Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) GA-C platform, which reduces weight and increases rigidity for an exciting driving experience characterized by serenity and harmony.

High driving performance 

A new fifth-generation hybrid system achieves an all-round evolution of the Prius plug-in driving experience, delivering more power and greater efficiency. The TNGA 2.0l engine produces 152 DIN hp (112kW*) and is combined with a new 163 DIN hp (120kW*) front electric motor for a total system output of 223 DIN hp (164kW*). Compared to the current generation's 122 DIN hp (90kW) in Plug-in Hybrid configuration, the increased power ensures strong and immediate acceleration.

Aimed at enabling the majority of daily driving to be done in EV mode, the EV range is 69km* thanks to a new 13.6kWh lithium-ion battery. Higher energy density cells allow for an optimized version of the battery, which is now compact enough to fit under the rear passenger seat, lowering the center of gravity.

Iconic exterior design >

The iconic wedge shape is based on the Prius concept from the second generation, which has evolved, surrounded by sleek modern lines. A 50 mm reduction in overall height, moving the top of the roof back and fitting larger diameter tires up to 19 inches contribute to the elegant design result.

The simple and sharp overall design is inspired by the natural flow of air. The distinctive shape is enhanced by the 50 mm longer wheelbase compared to the previous generation. At the same time, the overall length has been reduced by 46 mm, to 4,599 mm. 22 mm wider than its predecessor, the Prius has a dynamic stance and, at the front, a wedge-shaped pattern elegantly incorporates the lights that emphasize the distinctive shape. The rear is characterized by a three-dimensional linear lighting element that emphasizes the progressive design and focuses attention on the bold Prius logo.

Immersive interior design

A spacious cabin combines driving fun and excitement, leveraging the new “Island Architecture” framework for a clean and spacious interior, divided into three zones: environment, driver unit and floating instrument panel.

For both driver and passengers, the environment is spacious and created from elegant, high-quality materials, which are accentuated by harmonious accents that bring out a dynamic feel. A seven-inch TFT LCD screen is positioned in the driver's field of vision, enhancing safety and keeping their eyes on the road.

The modern instrument panel prioritizes cabin comfort, clean layout, smooth driving, usability and looks. It combines a discreet, lower center screen and slim climate controls, while the instrument panel lighting links to Toyota Safety Sense alerts and conveys the alerts through fluctuations in light intensity.

Top sense of security with T-Mate

The new Prius exceeds expectations in terms of performance, efficiency and aesthetics, while putting safety first. It provides a wider range of hazard detection and active safety functions thanks to Toyota T-Mate, which incorporates the latest generation of Toyota Safety Sense (TSS) and which can now be easily updated over-the-air.

An improved front camera sensor has twice the forward detection distance and a wider lateral and vertical view, enabling earlier detection of nearby objects and recognition of a wider range of potential hazards, including motorcycles and roadside objects. Radar sensors are also added to the front to support the Pre-Collision System, Lane Trace Assist and Front Cross Traffic Alert functions.

This enhanced detection range enhances the Pre-Collision System so that alerts, in addition to the upgraded vehicle and pedestrian avoidance function, now include motorcycles and oncoming vehicles. The new intersection collision avoidance support works in tandem to react to oncoming traffic and vehicles crossing an intersection, as well as to detect pedestrians crossing the intersection when the vehicle is turning.

Drivers are alerted to potential hazards and are supported to avoid them by the new Predictive Driving Assist, which includes steering and braking support from Obstacle Prediction Assist if an oncoming object is detected in the distance. Brake Assist intelligently slows the vehicle when the accelerator is released, varying the deceleration depending on bends or oncoming traffic. Steering Assist detects the oncoming road direction and adjusts the power steering to help make cornering smoother.

For more information on the all-new Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid please visit : https://www.toyota.com.cy/new-cars/coming-soon/prius-plugin

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