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The answer of the Minister Energy for hazardous materials

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The restoration works of the area where the Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) import terminal will be implemented, as well as the shielding of the coastline, have already been completed and will not be a reason for delay in the construction of the terminal, as mentioned in today An article in the newspaper “O Phileleftheros” states in an announcement the Ministry of Energy, Trade and Industry (YEEB). & nbsp;

In addition, it is clarified that:

    In the area referred to in the article, there were for years the Greek Chemical Industries which closed in 1995, while the demolition of the facilities took place in 2006 – 2007. In the context of the requirements for environmental rehabilitation of the area, initial studies were carried out by the State and, at the same time, some restoration works of the area and shielding of the coastal front, in order to avoid leakage of any chemicals in the sea. Towards the preparation of the spatial planning for the Energy and Industrial Area of ​​Vasilikos, the YEEB prepared a Strategic Environmental Impact Study, which had demonstrated the existence of phosphogypsum in the area where the Greek Chemical Industries were previously located. In addition, in 2017, with the decision to create the terminal for the import of Liquefied Natural Gas in Vasiliko, the preparation of the relevant studies and design began. Within the framework of the required studies, the Environmental Impact Assessment Study (MEEP) was prepared and submitted for the LNG import project. The relevant environmental opinion was issued by the Department of Environment in October 2017 and included, among other things, conditions for the restoration of the area from phosphogypsum. Therefore, after consultation between all stakeholders, it was decided that the Department of Public Works announces a tender for the restoration of the area, based on the conditions set in the environmental opinion and the results of a relevant study of the Department of Labor Inspection. This tender was awarded on 30 May 2019 and the restoration work was completed approximately one year later, in May 2020. The total cost of this work amounted to € 3.86 million. LNG import terminal, as well as the shielding of the coastline have already been completed and will not be a reason for delay in the construction of the terminal, as mentioned in the publication.

Source: www.philenews.com

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