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The ASDYK refers to blatant discrimination against her

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Surprise» expresses the Independent Union of Civil Servants of Cyprus (ASDYK) for the "study" of the Ministry of Finance for examination before the Joint Personnel Committee (JPC) of the public servants' requests for a review of the formula for calculating overtime and shift allowances, following a proposal by PASYDY, especially after they were initially approached negatively, when they were submitted by ASDYK , as she tells you in her statement.

ASDYK states that it is "surprised" who were informed by the media, about the Government's decision to consider the requests of civil servants, regarding the review of the formula for calculating overtime and shift allowances, which have remained for years, "mutilated" by 15%, as a result of the memorandum measures. He notes that according to the reports, the requests were submitted by PASYDY. "Our surprise and embarrassment are justified", ASDYK adds, as, as it notes, these requests were submitted in letters from itself to the Director General of the Ministry of Finance, George Pantelis, from the beginning of September 2022. " However, they received a negative approach, he added.

ASDYK notes that they have no insight into what has mediated in the interim "and it worked in a catalytic way for the Ministry of Finance to show such willingness and study to examine the requests before the Joint Staff Committee". "The willingness of the Government to consider the said requests is manifested in special circumstances", he said, as if adding, to the expiration of time, in the last session of the MEP, which convened today. 

The ASDYK welcomes the fact that, "albeit in retrospect", its demands were also adopted by PASYDY "and will unequivocally welcome", it adds, any government decision that moves in the direction of restoring and restoring the rights of its employees Public and the wider state sector. "Now, however, our Organization cannot help but identify, once again, the blatant discrimination and discriminatory attitude of the Ministry of Finance against ASDYK», he says.

ASDYK notes that it is unionized here and eight years and that the Ministry of Finance "has an obligation" to review the issue of the Organization's participation in the consultation process before the Ministry of Interior, for issues that concern and affect public servants.

Source: KYPE 

Source: www.sigmalive.com

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