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The Association for the Protection of Mental Health agrees with the Mental Health Europe Manifesto ahead of the European elections

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Mental Health Europe, the largest European umbrella organization dealing with mental health issues, issued a manifesto ahead of the European elections.< /p>

According to the Mental Health Protection Association, human rights, the psychosocial model and accessible mental health services in the community are the focus of the Manifesto of the leading independent European network Mental Health Europe. The Manifesto also highlights the need for all stakeholders to be involved in policy-making and anti-stigma campaigning.

The Mental Health Advocacy Association states that fully agrees with the positions and recommendations included in the Manifesto, emphasizing once again the need for a different approach and policy on mental health issues, and calls on political parties and candidates to include them in their program.

< p data-block-key="at83h">“Due to stigma and non-assertion, the services offered for mental health have lagged far behind, pan-European, but especially in Cyprus,” emphasizes the President of the Association, Evi Antoniadou Magou , adding that “our demand is that the human rights of all citizens are respected and that mental health is treated with the same seriousness as physical health.”

Source: KYPE

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