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The Audit Service clarifies how it controls all the assets of the CD

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    Communication of the Audit Service regarding a publication about audits in the National Guard

    The Audit Service conducts audits of all assets of the Republic of Cyprus, including military equipment, it says in a statement, which comes in response to today's publication by Offsite about inspections of the National Guard.

    In the announcement, EY points out that, according to article 116 of the Constitution, “the auditor general assisted by the assistant auditor general […] has the right to inspect the books, records and statements related to such accounts and the places where is the asset kept”. He adds that for centuries he has been conducting inspections of the assets of the Republic (whether they are military equipment or anything else) that are kept in National Guard Units, always with the cooperation of the National Security Agency.

    “It is perhaps it is important that, in the case of the explosion in Mari, which was tragic for our country, both the Criminal Court and the Supreme Court pointed out that during its inspection the Audit Service had highlighted the dangerous storage conditions of the containers a few months before they exploded”, he states in continuing, adding that “both courts rejected the fact that our points were ignored and asked themselves, 'What are the control mechanisms for if they are not actually being taken into account?'”

    Source: cyprustimes.com

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