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The “ball” sat on the ace

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With the goals of Ferreira and Christofis, Anorthosis celebrated its fourth consecutive victory

Η «μπλλια» εκατσε στον &omicron?

Another victory for “Kyria” in Group B, its seventh overall in the second phase of the championship as it defeated AEL 2-0. With this three points, the Varosian team reached 57 points and essentially “locks” the first place in the second group.

Part A

The match started with the first minutes to be identifiers. In a “poor” first half in terms of spectacle, the players of the two teams did not manage to particularly threaten the opposing goalkeepers.

In the 14th minute a shot by Guerrero did not particularly threaten Muriel, while in the 17th minute the visitors made their first final with Djialma but his shot was completely off target.

AEL was the team that threatened the most and in the 23rd minute he missed the first big chance of the first half after Militseanou's pass to Makris, who with projection missed as the ball went past Michael's goal.

These were also the phases of the first half. with both teams going to the locker room at 0-0.

B Part
In the second half, “Kyria” entered more aggressively and looked for the goal. The three changes of Vesco Michailovics Christofis, Antoniou and Teheira gave freshness to the team.

In the first substantial phase of the second half, Anorthosis succeeded and found the net. Sambo crossed to the unmarked Christofis who headed home a ready goal for Ferreira who opened the scoring.

Two minutes later the hosts came close to a second goal but Muriel said no to Guerrero's shot. .

Anorthosis was the team that pressed better in the second half and was able to control the match in the following minutes. In the 75th minute, Antonin found himself in front of Muriel, but the visitors' keeper saved.
In the 85th minute, Dimitris Christofi made a strong shot but Muriel saved again.

Two minutes before the end of the game, Christofi put an “end” to the match as he won with a shot inside the area Muriel.
This was also the final score of the match with Anorthosis celebrating its fourth consecutive victory.


Anorthosis:Michael, Artimatas, Baisinho, Correa, Correa, Ferreira, Guerrero, Sambo, Paroutis, Ioannou, Mraz

AEL: Muriel, Franzis . p>

Yellows: 13′ Correa, 35′ Guerrero/27′ Djalma, 86′ Zdrafkovski

Referee: Argyrou Andreas

VAR: Christoforou Marios

Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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