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The ballot boxes for the Archdiocesan elections are delivered

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Παραδδοντα&iota ; οι καλπες για τη διεξαγωγor των Α ρχιεπισκοπικoν

The ballots for the conduct of the Archbishop Elections, December 18.

The reception will take place from 8:00 – 11:00 at the International State Exhibition Stand 4B (Hellenic Stand), in Nicosia.

< p>Before receiving the ballots, there will be a speech by the General Supervisor of Archdiocesan Elections, Ioannis Charilaou.

According to the instructions that have been given, the Presiding Officer of each polling station, by tomorrow Saturday, should open the ballot box to check its contents and make sure it is stocked with the necessary documents, the electoral forms, the electoral roll, the ballots, the official seal of the election and other stationery for the conduct of the vote.

In the event that any shortage is found, the Presiding Officer should directly with the competent Assistant Superintendent for an immediate resolution of the issue.

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