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The ban on granting licenses for the use of fireworks is lifted

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    The announcement of the Mines and Quarries Service of the Ministry of Agriculture

    The Mines and Quarries Service of the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural of Development and Environment, after reviewing the whole matter and taking into account the opinions of all the co-competent Departments, announces that the ban is removedgranting permits to use fireworks.

    It is emphasized that, during the examination of each application, the provisions of the Explosives Legislation and the relevant European Directive will be strictly applied relating to security issues. Also, the conditions and special circumstances of each case will be measured (times of throwing, place of throwing, temperatures, concern that may be caused to citizens and animals) and the appropriate precautions in order to prevent any unpleasant situation, such as causing fire, injury, etc.

    Especially for the permitted events held inland, they will only be licensed after the approval of the Fire Service. If the place where the fireworks are to be launched is 2 kilometers or less from a state or private forest, the Forest Department's approval will also be required.

    The types of fireworks allowed by the general public, those that are only after permission and only by persons with specialized knowledge, as well as the permitted events that may be licensed, can be seen in the notification of the Inspector of Explosives (K.D.P. 109-2020). The notification is posted on the website of the Ministry of Mines and Quarries on the following website of the Legislation governing Explosives.
    https://www.moa.gov.cy/moa/mines/minesSrv.nsf/dmllegexplosives_gr/dmllegexplosives_gr ?OpenDocument

    Source: cyprustimes.com

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