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The beginning of the Christodoula march was announced by the Minister of Health in Limassol

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Actions for the development of the National Cancer Institute are being promoted and a legal framework for the provision of palliative care services is being prepared, with the aim of including them in the NHS, said the Minister of Health, Michalis Damianos, welcoming the 49th March of Christodoula which began today in Limassol and ends next Sunday. with marches in the rest of the provinces.

The start of the march was given by the “Heroes Christos and Miltos Christophoros” theater, at the Limassol pier, while it was preceded by an artistic program by the “Choir of Dreams” and the band and cheerleaders of the Cypriot Drivers' Corps.

In his greeting, the Minister of Health stated that “the main purpose of this annual event is to inform and raise awareness among society about the prevention, early diagnosis and treatment of cancer, as well as the support needed by fellow cancer sufferers us”.

“On a practical level, the Christodoula march is perhaps the most valuable support activity of the Cyprus Anti-Cancer Association, since it significantly boosts the financial resources every year of the Association”, he added.

In addition, he indicated that the “Arodafnousa” Palliative Care Center, of the Cyprus Anti-Cancer Association, is a modern convalescent hospital, which, in addition to palliative care, offers various rehabilitation programs, which are scientifically proven to they offer quality and life extension.

Recalling that the need to introduce palliative care into all strategic plans related to chronic diseases has been established by the EU, the Minister of Health said that Cyprus, by adopting the proposed action, revised the Strategic Plan for Cancer and included in the axes of palliative care.

At the same time, he noted, “actions are being promoted for the development of the Cyprus National Institute, which will coordinate all cancer services”. A project, he continued, with multiple benefits for our fellow cancer sufferers, which will offer a holistic approach and the best possible help, from early prevention, to treatment and palliative care.

In addition, he added, the Ministry of Health is preparing the legal framework for the provision of palliative care services to sick patients, with the aim of including them in the NHS.

Finally, he called on all citizens to generously support the Cyprus Anti-Cancer Association, “which with its long-term contribution, complements the work of the State and offers to our suffering fellow citizen”.

For her part, the President of the Limassol Provincial Committee of the Association, Betty Antoniadou, stated that the Christodoula march has become an institution and has been recognized by Cypriot society, “to remind everyone of the need to support our fellow human beings with cancer experience”.

Our motto, for the second year, is “Be there”, said Mrs. Antoniadou, emphasizing that “today, with our presence here and our participation in the march, we all together send the message that we are there, next to the people with cancer experience, we are there, next to the health professionals who tirelessly provide care, we are there supporting the charity work of the Cyprus Anti-Cancer Association”.

He also assured that the Association will continue to be “next to every family that needs us, next to every patient with cancer experience, with respect and strength, so that no one is left helpless” and thanked the Bank of Cyprus, its main supporter march.

The opening ceremony of the 49th Christodoula march was also welcomed by the Limassol – Paphos Regional Director of the Bank of Cyprus, Savvas Papathomas, who assured of continued support, noting that “cancer is not a personal matter, but a collective matter”.

At the same time as the march in Limassol, a support event for the 49th Christodoula March was organized by the British Bases with the communities west of Limassol and the Municipality of Ypsona, starting from the BB police station and ending at Eleftherias Square, in Episkopi.

As part of the Christodoula March, it takes place from April 1st to April 14th, campaign to financially support the services of the Cyprus Anti-Cancer Association with fundraisers in various places as well as a road fundraiser on April 11th.

Source: reporter.com.cy

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