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The best places to travel in 2024

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The upgraded Greek islands, the artistic capital of Hungary and the lush forests of northern England

Τα καλύτερα μΕρη για ταξ Ιδι το 2024

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Paris Dimitriadis

On the eve of the new year, travel editors usually get down to work and publish lists of both emerging and timeless destinations for leisure, relaxation and adventure travel, which can of course be adapted to different wallets.

What are the proposals for 2023? According to the long-standing feature in Conde Nast Traveler, which is the result of months of research and is based on information channeled from the magazine's numerous contributors scattered around the globe, long-haul travel is set to be a popular trend in 2024, as distances are getting shorter and prices are plummeting. In terms of emerging trends, boutique hotels, wellness centers and themed cruises that combine entertainment with exploration are leading the way.

The diversity and volatility of the modern world is masterfully reflected in this year's list, which ranges from the spectacular flowering of flowers in a new national park in Chile to wildlife in Canada and the delicious food of Rwanda.

Τα καλyτε ρα μΕρη για ταξΙδι το 2024

A European destination easily accessible from our own country is even at the top of this year's list. It is the capital of Hungary, Budapest, which is described as an architectural eyesore. From art nouveau and neoclassical buildings to gothic, baroque and modernist, all schools of architecture can be found in Budapest with the Blue Danube connecting everything like a tightly tied string. In the Hungarian capital you can also enjoy hot baths, artistic effervescence and intense nightlife. Special mention is made of the so-called ruin bars which are a tangible example of creative employment that emerged from the ashes of the authoritarian regime that plagued the country in the previous century.

The oldest bridge in the city, the “chain” bridge has according to the mayor fully reopened after a two-year renovation, offering excellent views of Buda Castle and the Hungarian Parliament.

Τα καλyτερα μερη για ταξiδι το 2024

Τα καλύτερα μΕρη για ταξ λδι το 2024

The second destination on this year's list is even closer to us and is none other than the enchanting Cyclades island complex in Greece. The international travel guide praises the travel product of Greece stating that the Greek islands are the most popular destination. Images from Mykonos, Santorini, Paros, Milos and Ios, it is pointed out, dominated the feeds of social networks, with the captivating blue and white scenery, the impressive beach clubs and nightclubs and the unbeatable shopping of the local markets. The hotel industry in the Cyclades is on the upswing, with the tribute making reference to the construction of new suites in a hotel complex in Oia, Santorini, and the upgrading of resorts in Mykonos that will include hammams, a new large resort to be opened in Folegandros and new accommodations that will operate from April in Kea. These are game changers additions, it is emphasized, which are expected to boost tourism to the best known Greek islands.

Τα καλyτε ρα μΕρη για ταξΙδι το 2024


Τα καλψτερα μΕρη για ταξiδι το 2024

For the third destination proposed for 2024 we remain Europe and head towards the charming nature of the English countryside, which due to climate change is gaining a strong momentum. The phenomenon of residents of the south looking for coolness in the northern countries is a new trend, but it seems that as long as the extreme heat in the Mediterranean continues, more and more Europeans will choose the northern countries for vacation.

In particular, the picturesque landscape of the Yorkshire region is rated ideal for holidays, mainly because of the unique culinary experiences from world-class Michelin-starred chefs and the area's upgraded catering, with new b&b rooms to they have purposefully operated in the same buildings, above the neat restaurants.

Τα καλyτερα μερη για ταξiδι το 2024

Yorkshire, however, can also reward travelers with idyllic natural landscapes with which he has been endowed with. Green valleys, hills and lush forests succeed the golden sandy beaches of the area with the seductive mint-colored sea.

There are plenty more events planned in the region for the coming year with imaginative festivals such as the Yorkshire Balloon Festival and Dark Skies Festival set amongst national parks and medieval castles.

Τα καλyτερα μΕρη γ ια ταξiδι το 2024

For destinations outside Europe, the tribute suggests Sri Lanka! Emerging from a bad period of economic uncertainty, the tourism industry of India's southern Indian Ocean mega-island is coming back to the fore, with new luxury and wellness resorts based on local tea and herbal plantations and lining the beaches.

On the southern side of the country, new luxury resorts bordering the Indian Ocean continue to spring up and are being touted as one of the best places to see Sri Lanka's native leopards up close, as well as art deco buildings protected by UNESCO and soon to reopen. . Speaking of the Indian subcontinent, we couldn't leave out the women's wellness and empowerment centers that include yoga, breath work, reiki and Ayurveda.

Τα καλyτερα μΕρη για ταξiδι το 2024

Τα καλύτερα μΕρη για ταξ Ιδι το 2024

Τα καλyτερα μΕρη για ταξΙδι το 2024

Conde Nast's travel list for 2024 is rounded out with tickling suggestions such as the Red Sea in Saudi Arabia, Granada in Spain with its distinct carnival, up-and-coming Kosovo considered ideal for cycling and mountaineering and French Polynesia which offers Olympic-level surfing and a world-unique flora and fauna.

Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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