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The Bill for the maximum selling price of water was submitted to the Plenary Session of the Parliament

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The Government submitted on Thursday to the Plenary Session of the Parliament the bill for setting the maximum selling price of water at points of sale where sufficient competition cannot be developed.

According to the introductory report to Parliament, the purpose of the bill is the determination by the Minister of Energy, Trade and Industry of maximum retail prices for basic food products.

It is reported that the beginning is done with water at specific points of sale, where, in practice, sufficient competition cannot develop.

These points include airports, ports, sports venues , beaches, archaeological sites, museums, hospitals, theaters, cinemas and theme parks/zoos.

The aim of the bill, according to the report, is to protect and support of consumers, especially in times of negative economic conditions and exogenous crises that adversely affect their financial interests.

The law specifies that the maximum selling prices apply only to standing consumers, who are self-service.

The maximum selling prices shall be determined after inquiry by the Competent Authority, taking into account, inter alia, the cost of production/import, a reasonable percentage for operating expenses and a reasonable percentage of profit.

The products for which the Minister can set maximum prices include bottled water in a 500 ml package inside or outside a refrigerator, bottled water in a 750 ml package inside or outside a refrigerator and drinking water, including bottled, in a glass of the same quantity of 500 ml or 750 ml.

In case of violation of the legislation the Director of the consumer protection service will have the authority to impose an administrative fine, depending on the nature , the gravity and duration of the violation, up to €10,000.

If the violation continues, it imposes an administrative fine of up to €1000, for each continuation of the violation,

In case when the violation is terminated, imposes an administrative fine depending on the nature, gravity and duration of the violation, which does not exceed €5000.

The administrative fine becomes immediately payable and the collection process is not suspended due to the possible registration of an appeal to the Administrative Court, against the Director's decision.

In case of non-payment, the Ministry will take legal measures and collects the amount owed as a civil debt owed to the Republic.

The violation or failure to comply with the provisions of the bill, incurs a prison sentence of up to 1 year or a fine not exceeding exceeds €5 thousand or both penalties.

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