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The book for young people that tackles corruption and sends a message to all

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Το βιβλΙο για &nu ;εους που καταπιανεται με τη δια&phi ;θορα και στελνει μorνυμα σε /></p>
<p><b>When you hear a book aimed at young people, your mind doesn't go to the environmental crisis. In a story that describes what arrogance and obscurantism mean. And yet, that changed when the book The Zephyrus Promise was released. A book that touches on important current issues and sends messages to young and old.</b></p>
<p>The book bears the signature of Natalia Nicolaidis, who experienced first-hand the issues presented in the book through her work as a lawyer. She lived and lives the crisis in the environment, with the fires that do not say to put out in the summers, with the temperatures that have only risen and do not say to fall and through her book, she wants to describe to young people the problem with they will face each other in the future.</p>
<p>Although the specific issues are at the top of the news, in literature and especially young people, it is not a common chapter. This did not stop her as she wants to change the image, shake up the waters and trouble everyone.</p>
<p>“Zephyr's Promise is about the ecological balance, but also the problems that the new generation have in relation to the environment, excessive temperatures and the actions of some people, which do not make life easier. My own background was in law and risk management, and through my work I studied some of the themes around which Zephyros revolves.</p>
<p>During the coronavirus, observing the challenges the new generation has to face, I wrote this novel. The story takes place in a fictional kingdom, Zephyros, which is not very different from our place, in terms of vegetation, natural beauty, but also traditions. A group, completely by chance, discovers that nature and people, but also the sensitive bees, which have their importance in the book, are in danger. There is a battle of good and evil, which does not belong entirely to the imagination. The reason is that arrogance and insecurity are human characteristics and where young people think they will find a material treasure, an adventure begins”.</p>
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The selection of topics

The absence of other books, which refer to these particular subjects, which one might say are unusual for young people, is what prompted Ms. Nikolaidis to deal with them.

“I couldn't find any other examples in young adult literature of these important themes, so because they were so topical with fires, rising temperatures, pollution, I thought that through a novel we can pass certain messages so that not only the new generation, but also parents, teachers to have the opportunity to read and discuss them through a novel and not through something didactic.

My aim is also for young people to relax, reading it, that's why it's given through an adventure, which has many twists and turns and we basically don't know where the answers will come from. By reading it, if one goes to a deeper level, he will see that we too must discover the answers.

It's important for me that the older ones enjoy the book too, enjoy the adventure, but also see how they can play a role too, We need a collective for these topical issues and only if everyone joins these conversations , there will be progress”.

The setting is fictional but also real

Although the setting of the book is fictional, at the same time if someone reads it it can feel familiar, since there is a connection with Cyprus.

“It's based on a fictional adventure and has certain elements that are magical because I want to give it a soft, urgent message. I wanted to build through this book a bridge, between the imaginary and the everyday, since it is becoming more relevant in relation to climate and ecological balance, but also for the mental health of children, who have to face many uncertainties about the future ».

The capital of greed and corruption

While the environmental crisis may not be such a foreign topic for young adult books, the theme of greed and corruption is not so common.

“Greed can play a very big role, locally and globally. I present it mainly through a small group of people who are characterized by obscurantism and arrogance because they consider natural resources to be their own and are not willing to share them with their fellow citizens. This will play a role in the environment. This is not to say that extreme situations like these are really what we encounter in life, but we can deal with certain elements, whether they are reactions of people who do not believe in science, or reactions of those who believe that the collective is something that does not belong in their own lives. However, it is an example that we contrast with the good that children seek.

Because of my profession and specifically  risk management, has been something I have been studying for years and manifestations of corruption at various levels. This is also in the news, together with the ecological balance, for me they are perhaps key for today's life and we have to deal with them. There is progress and we realize the need to solve the problem, but I believe that young people are also slowly realizing its consequences”.

Message to those in charge of the subjects of the book

“Alberto Einstein says 'those who have the privilege to know, have the duty to act.' With this saying, I give the message and the wish, that those people who are in the middle of things and know the risks and opportunities presented, have the duty to act collectively. It is a sacred duty and this book presents a wake-up call. We cannot close the doors to the new generation”.

Promotion of the book in schools

Due to the unusual topics the book deals with, Ms. Nikolaidis believes that educational programs can make use of the book's material.

“It would be my great pleasure if the material of the book were to be passed on to schools at some point. I hope that this kind of literature will slowly spread and be a bridge between adventure and reality, as it also passes messages that will help the new generation. However, in the first phase, educational programs will be created at the Leventio Gallery, based on the material of the book”.

The book is available at the Leventio Gallery and soon in Soloneio.

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