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The British Bases deny the “sub” of the occupied: No permission was given to Pergamon

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The British Bases deny the

No permission was given for the transfer of water to Pergamon by the pseudo-state, the British Bases state in their announcement, denying the “foreign ministry” of the occupiers who in yesterday's reaction spoke of the destruction of a water line.

“The British Bases are taking a strict stand regarding unauthorized construction projects and there are strict regulations for granting permission for the execution of such projects within the areas of the B.B. No permission was given, neither verbal nor otherwise, and therefore we can confirm that we have restored the area “.

“We expect everyone in our community to abide by our laws and regulations and we are ready to take enforcement action against anyone who does not.”

It is recalled that yesterday the “foreign ministry” of the occupiers strongly condemned the attitude of the British Bases in Cyprus, stating that they can not tolerate the provision of services by the pseudo-state to the Turkish Cypriots living in Pergamon.

The “ministry” issued a written statement saying that the “municipality” of Pergamon provides water, infrastructure and other vital services to its “citizens”, including those living in the area of the British Bases.

As reported, the “mayor” laid a 40-meter water line to supply water to the football field within the boundaries of the “municipality”, based on the verbal approval received from the British administration of the Bases. However, as reported, the water line was destroyed, as informed by the administration of the British Bases. It added that it was obvious that there was no explanation for the disaster and that there was protest.

It is also reported that during the pandemic, the British Bases did not hesitate to restrict the movement of Turkish Cypriots living in Pyla, applying the same measures applied by the Greek Cypriot side, to the detriment and difficulty of the life of Turkish Cypriots living in Pyla and Pergamon.

It is also recalled that the British Bases recently blocked the transfer of goods from the occupied territories to be sold at Turkish Cypriot workplaces in Pyla.

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Source: politis.com.cy

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