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The brother of Andreas Georgiou, Raphaellos, is shocking: “I was born a carrier of the HIV virus”

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    ΣυγκλονΙζει ο &alpha ;δερφoς του Ανδρeα Γεωργiου, Ραφα ελλος: «Γεννorθηκα φορεας του ιοy HIV»

    “I felt like people didn't want me, some were afraid to even approach me”

    Rafaellos Georgiou and journalist Yiannis Chatzigeorgiou gave an in-depth interview to Down Town Cyprus magazine.

    Andreas Georgiou's younger brother and director of photography of the “Famagusta” series spoke from the heart about his childhood and the difficulties he faced as a child born HIV positive.

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    Read an excerpt of the interview:

    What was your childhood like, when you were growing up with your family, in Ayia Napa and Paralimni?
    They were difficult. For psychological reasons, for reasons of rejection, for many reasons.

    Rejection, why?
    Because of my illness, as a carrier of the HIV virus that I was, which eventually killed my mother and, several years later, my father. People were afraid. We are talking about another era, of course, about incomplete – or even incorrect – information about the virus, about rumors that made life difficult for patients – I am not wronging anyone. But I was a child! That I was born with it. And I felt like people didn't want me. Some were even afraid to approach me. But I found the strength and moved on. And I'm here.

    Were you given medication as a child?
    Yes. And that was always the big “fight” with my grandmother, who was raising me. Because they were strong drugs and they tasted awful. But my grandmother was always there: Pushing me, along with my food, to take my medicine, with a watch in my hand, so that not a minute would be missed from the time I should have taken my medicine . If it wasn't for my grandmother doing this, I certainly wouldn't be alive!

    Was there a risk when you were born that you wouldn't survive?
    I also had bronchopneumonia when I was born. And combined with the virus I was born with, the doctors considered me a “done deal”, but – in some magical way, which my grandmother attributed to a miracle – I overcame the danger. The doctors told my grandmother, at first, that “he'll live until he's four”, then it became “until he's five”, then “until he's seven”, but in the meantime science was advancing and making leaps and bounds in everything it was about HIV – I'm now 32 years old, I've had my children who are healthy, and the virus is now undetectable in my body, so non-contagious.

    ΣυγκλονΙζει ο αδ ερφoς του Ανδρeα Γεωργiου, Ραφαeλ&lambda ;ος: «Γεννorθηκα φορεας του ιοy HIV»

    Source: showbiz.cyprustimes.com

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