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The Budget of the Cyprus Addiction Treatment Authority was voted unanimously

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The Budget of the Cyprus Addiction Treatment Authority was voted unanimously

The Plenary Session of the Parliament unanimously voted in law the Budget of the Cyprus Addiction Treatment Authority, which for 2021 provides for expenditures of € 3,180,000 and revenues of € 2,974,000, which come from state sponsorship of € 2,470,000, as well as other income of € 504,000.

As mentioned in the Report of the Health Committee of the Parliament to the Plenary Session of the legislature, the expenses of the Authority concern operating expenses amounting to € 2,844,020, which include staff salaries of € 846,822 and remuneration expenses of the chairman and members of the Board of the Authority amounting to € 11,420, projects co-financed from Community funds amounting to € 318,980, purchase of fixed and mobile machinery amounting to € 12,000, unforeseen expenses and reserve of € 5,000.

Analyzing the budget provisions before the committee, the Executive Director of the Authority stated that the amount of the revenue and expenditure difference, amounting to € 206,000, is expected to be covered by the incomplete implementation of the Authority's budget and / or savings by others. of the budget of the Ministry of Health.

Furthermore, informing the committee about the Authority's actions during the previous year, he referred to the juvenile treatment program, which operated for the first time, eleven new prevention programs for schools and the provision of scientifically substantiated information to the public. In relation to the pandemic, he stated that the Authority has issued guidelines for people in need of special support as a result and has developed a comprehensive plan to provide assistance to our fellow citizens.

NAI Parliament in the publication of the Giorkatzi List – 47 votes in favor and only Koulias against

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Source: politis.com.cy

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