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The budget vote is postponed

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The budget vote is postponed

A new delay arises in the expected adoption of the revised budget as the extraordinary session scheduled for next Monday for this purpose was canceled.

According to an information from the Parliament, the Plenary Session of January 18 for the voting of the budget is canceled and will take place on Thursday, January 21.

The decision came as a result of a morning meeting of party leaders or representatives in Parliament.

StockWatch reports that the cancellation came as the parties requested time to review the revised budget and prepare and table amendments.

Under the new programming, the vote on the revised budget will be preceded by speeches by MEPs, but the time allotted for this purpose will be less than in the first procedure held in December.

The development brings the budget vote a breath before the evaluation of Cyprus by Moody's which is expected on January 22.

At the same time, it intensifies the anxiety of the government side, which has recently been forced to consult with opposition parties, seeking a parliamentary majority for the approval of the revised budget.

In recent statements, the Minister of Finance stressed that it is important that the ratings of the companies, “find us with a budget and political stability”, referring, among other things, to the effects that the opposite will have, on the possibility of Cyprus for a new exit in the markets. within 2021.

It is recalled that the state budget was initially voted down on December 17, after a three-day debate and the approval of dozens of amendments tabled by opposition parties. Some of them are expected to return with parties insisting on amendments that for the first time did not gather a majority.

Source: 24h.com.cy

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