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The building of APOEL at the entrance of the city

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 Το ολκημα του&nbsp ;ΑΠΟΕΛ στην εΙσοδο της πoλης

I remembered again the building of APOEL, at the entrance of Nicosia. I remembered this because they mentioned something in the last discussions about fan links. I remember it every time I pass by. I miss the good old days, when I used to visit with my father and later again, when as a young journalist, APOEL reporter, I used to go there to get some good, exclusive news.

A few years ago, four if I'm not mistaken, the establishment was closed and the regular patrons, among them legends of the association (Stylianou), were forced to leave accepting, basically a lie, that the establishment was closed for a while until some necessary renovations. But the disappointment remains for Andreas Stylianou and the others. The lodge never opened!

Yes, I know that a lodge, under the old form of operation, today cannot gather people to survive financially. Certainly, however, with an amazing Museum upstairs, which is now grossly unfair and a proper renovation could be a hangout for thousands of APOEL friends, of all ages.

This is also the last time I deal with the issue and I do it as a debt to the memory of my father, but also because I owe it to Andreas Stylianou and the others who every time they find me on the street, they ask me to do something. Because they want, before they close their eyes forever, to be hosted, perhaps one last time, in the house of their favorite team.

Even if some friends don't call me again to make excuses. Unfortunately, even unwittingly, they destroyed the history of APOEL, when at the same time some others are trying to write history, either in the stadiums or with the establishment of the Museum…

Source: gipedo.politis.com.cy

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