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The candidate for mayor of Limassol Christos Michaelidis in “P”

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“I can resist financial interests and will unite the city the next day, from this unprecedented toxicity created by my anti-candidates”

The candidate for mayor of Limassol, Christos Michailidis, will ask for the input and participation of the citizens in all the decisions and actions of the Municipality of Limassol in order to function smoothly and with a focus on the citizen. Mr. Michailidis opens his papers and his heart to “Politis”, talking about the city he loves, but also expressing his concerns, which prompted him to stand as a candidate.

Given the knowledge and his experience around Local Government, but also with open horizons for new methods of development, alleviation of the serious traffic problem of the city, as well as the support of vulnerable groups and especially young couples towards the creation of affordable housing, Christos Michaelidis requests the vote of the Lemesians to give vision and hope to the next generations.

We have heard you many times say that traffic does not need the 400 million of the SVAK, but the city can “take a breather” with 10 million. If you are elected, how long do you need for the people of Limassol to feel the difference?

Based on the research and studies we carried out with experts inside and outside Cyprus, the calculations record a 30% reduction, relief in 2 years and possibly 50-60% in 3-4 years. I say this on the advice of experts. SVAK is good in its theory and philosophy but we want quick and practical solutions. We want reinforcement for immediate effect. Traffic as it has evolved is equivalent to 10% of our life span, solutions must be provided as soon as possible.

The housing problem of the city, can solve it a mayor?

The housing problem needs to be solved in a substantial and sustainable way. It is one of the most important issues facing our city. I estimate that it can be alleviated with a series of actions and cooperation between the municipality, the state and the private sector. An important parameter is the introduction of compensatory measures for large developments such as Karnagio, for revenue utilization and their use, for the construction of affordable housing for vulnerable groups and young couples. At the same time, the procedures for the issuance of permits should be improved by increasing the offer as well as the utilization for use of all abandoned and preserved houses. In cooperation with KOAG, Metropolis, private individuals and utilizing municipal property and carpet land, student dormitories and residences for various groups can be built. In cooperation with the state, the expansion of rent subsidy programs etc. will also be targeted.

Can a mayor, without having a majority in the city council, manage right a municipality?

Certainly he can if he inspires and does not depend on parties, if he is a leader and methodical but also with arguments and the projecting of the public interest. At the same time, it can have live online meetings, judge and judge the parties with their positions, etc. The determination and ability of the mayor can make the difference!

Who do you think is responsible for the current situation in Limassol?

< p>If you mean unregulated development from the loss of the city's character I would say the current mayor, Mr. Armeutis and a handful of other architects, lawyers and land development companies. Our cultural heritage is faltering, because there is no proper sensitivity to preserve and highlight it. At the same time we have the “Dubaiization” the anarchic development in the center of the city and in fact in PEX areas, even opposite the castle. After filling the city center with towers we now start at Aktaia odo and Karnagio. My opponents have a huge responsibility. One plans and promotes and the other approves and indeed without compensatory measures. The economic and political pressures are great and we need a mayor with resistance who puts the good of the city first. Corruption has also infiltrated the Local Government and we continue to ostrich as if nothing is happening. Others issue permits in 2 months with relaxations and increased rates and others in 2 years without covering any request. This silence and tolerance makes us all complicit.

What do you mean when you say that there are three candidates but our choice is one, for the mayorship of Limassol?

I mean that there are the two options which represent political and financial interests that are under the tutelage of major parties and our own independent candidacy, without party and financial burdens. If we don't want stagnation and “Dubaiization”, if we don't want a municipality on autopilot, but a modern and efficient municipal machine. If we do not want the continuation of scandals and fragile systems in the municipality, the prosperity of our city for a handful of people, then we have only one choice. Ours, the one that puts the citizen first and puts Limassol above all.

In case of election, what will be the first three specific actions you will take as mayor of Limassol?

In a period of three months I will create a platform and an organized framework to appeal to citizens for contribution and active participation in the making of the city, creating support groups and networks, such as the social solidarity network, the groups for healthy business development, environmental monitoring, creation of the City Brand, voluntary safety and health groups and neighborhood crisis management groups, etc. The second will be to set up a special unit of experts and executives to update the SBAK and take immediate action to ease the traffic. The third will be the thorough diagnosis and preparation of a Masterplan for each district. For these three priorities we will be ready for action in six months.

Why should the citizen choose Christos Michaelidis?

For the reasons I have already mentioned: independence without party weights. Consequently, good administration and promotion of the citizens' interests. Because Christos Michaelidis is the only one who can resist economic interests and pressures and who will unite the city the next day, from this unprecedented toxicity created by his opponents. Because he has 33 years of experience in all aspects of Local Government, because his background has shown that he has leadership and management skills. Because as a pollster he understands the needs of the citizens. Because he is a strategy and management consultant and will be able to manage the municipality effectively. Because he wants and can put the city's urban anarchy in order while his opponents have proven that they are unwilling or unable. In the end, of course, we will be judged by the citizen, whom I invite to vote with his hand on his heart and to ignore party calls. The development and course of our city is our responsibility and our decisions will affect the future of our children, let us be the change we seek. That is why I humbly and boldly ask for your enlistment for the good of our city, but above all to ensure the future of our children.

Source: politis.com.cy

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