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The case of the threats against the Paphos Police Director is very serious, the Police estimates

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The case of the threats against the Paphos Police Director is very serious, the Police estimates

The case that was revealed yesterday for the threatening messages received by the Paphos Police Director since 2019 and for which three people were arrested, including the two members of the Paphos Police Directorate, is characterized as unprecedented.

While the two 41-year-old police officers, who have been serving in the force for years with the status of special police officer, will be brought before the Paphos District Court today for issuing arrest warrants, the police investigations are continuing intensively and the case is assessed as very serious by the officers. of power.

Information from “F” states that the case of the threats against the Paphos Police Director, Nikos Pentaras, has been under investigation since April 2019, while the threatening messages on Mr. Pentaras' phone continued to come until a few days ago at an almost daily rate. These are messages that are evaluated by the officials of the Police Headquarters as very serious, with direct threats against the life of the Police Director and members of his family.

The Police had long ago been led to the traces of a Cypriot citizen living abroad, from whose mobile phone some messages seem to have been sent. The person in question, according to our information, had been arrested in the past when he arrived in Cyprus for a number of various warrants against him, for various allegations made against him. Although this case seemed to have been settled, new warrants were issued against the 55-year-old citizen, with the result that when he recently returned to Cyprus via Larnaca airport he was arrested again. The 55-year-old seems to have held the Paphos Police Director responsible for this situation and the authorities consider him a suspect for sending threatening messages against Mr. Pentaras.

The case took a much more serious turn, however, while its investigation was continuing after the arrest of the 55-year-old. He, who was eventually charged in writing and was temporarily released to be summoned to court for these threatening messages, allegedly implicated both police officers in the case. Based on the information now held by the investigators of the case, the two colleagues sent threatening messages against the life of the Police Director and his relatives, using mobile cards from foreign providers.

The two were arrested and detained, while cases of written threats, sending insulting and threatening messages, conspiracy to commit a crime and abuse of power are being investigated against them. They have already been made available on the instructions of the Chief of Police until the full examination of the case.

Investigations are continuing at an intensive pace, in order to fully clarify the aspects of the case that mainly concern the motives of the involvement of the two members of the force in this serious case. Preliminarily, it seems that the threats of the two members of the Police against the Paphos Police Director were not unrelated to official issues, especially with the positions and duties in which they were mandated to serve and which both seem to have considered unsatisfactory for themselves. .


Source: 24h.com.cy

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