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The cauldron that “boils”, the game without beginning and end and the ρί blackness

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The boat may not have left, but it is leaving dangerously for Omonia. The defeat by Anorthosis made it very difficult for the greens to try to recover as it is at -10, at the same time that the champions are being tested during the weekend.

The “clover” again presented a problematic picture without beginning and end. Berg was looking for solutions, but the corrective moves he made during the match did not change the result. The team from the capital was disconnected, predictable and without aggressive solutions that left it at zero and now the data has become very difficult. The Norwegian admitted that his team is not at the level it was last year and that everyone is looking for solutions to get the “clover” forward.

But people started to worry and express their concerns through Social Networking. Undoubtedly, the friends of the greens look like a boiling cauldron, as they are unable to find out how and why Omonia presents this person, while the “fire” is directed at everyone in “Elias Pullos”.

Berg's choices, the planning that lies badly has not lived up to expectations and the management are the main elements in the fans' complaints, with most of them considering that the year is over and there is no going back.

Now, Omonia has no choice but to raise its head and start getting points. Because no matter how much the Norwegian believes that the current situation can be overturned, only the stadium is a mirror. Which shows… blackness.

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Source: gipedo.politis.com.cy

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