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The children of the “missing” die and the grandchildren take over

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Τα παιδιτων «αγνοουμeνων» πεθαiνουν και αν αλαμβaνουν τα εγγoνια

Sevgul Uludag, [email protected], Tel: 99 966518

One of my Greek Cypriot readers sent me the following note about the possible burial site of two “missing” Turkish Cypriots:

“My dear Sevgul Uludag, I heard a piece of information and I want to share it with you, about the two missing Turkish Cypriots from Kivisili and the Softades who have been missing since 08/02/1964, after the funeral in Anafotia. I read your article in “Politis” and you wrote that they buried these men in Petounda in Mazotos. What I heard from a man who wishes to remain anonymous is that that night they took the owner of a field with his tractor to plow the whole area, so as to hide the place where they were buried. The owner of the tractor and the land was .. and the name of this area is Jinares. It is between Plastinda and Mazoto, next to the Pouzi river, after the slope of the Vikla hill. I am also attaching the point on the map. I hope this information is correct and helps you in your search for those missing shepherds. I am sharing this information with you in confidence and please do not mention my name anywhere at any time. Thanks in advance for your understanding.”

The Update

I thank this reader for sharing what he learned and I have informed the Turkish Cypriot and Greek Cypriot officials of the Cyprus Missing Persons Investigation Committee of this new information and also sent them the map sent to me by my Greek Cypriot reader. I hope that further research will be done on this matter. Previously, the journalist Stavros Antoniou had shown me and the DEA a possible burial site and during the excavations nothing was found there. Let's hope that this time there will be a deeper investigation and better results, since the relatives of the “missing” on both sides are missing, dying and even their children are dying and grandchildren are now trying to follow and find information about them ” their missing” grandparents. I believe this is the biggest shame.

Τα παιδιτων «&alpha ;γνοουμeνων» πεθαiνουν και ανα&lambda ;αμβaνουν τα εγγoνια

In 2009, I wrote about two “missing” Turkish Cypriots – my information was that they were grazing their sheep and stopped Mazotou's bus to ask for cigarettes. Yusuf Emir Hasan was an old man who couldn't speak or hear and was pointing with his two fingers by putting them next to his lips that he was asking for cigarettes. In my article published in the “Politis” newspaper on September 27, 2009, I wrote:

“He was a deaf and dumb old man. The only way this old shepherd could communicate was by using his hands, by signals, by using his facial expressions and his body. Yusuf Emir Hasan was an old man, a shepherd from Kivisili, tending his sheep in the fields outside Kivisili, together with a cousin, Shevket Salih Sakalli, in early February 1964. Little did he know that she would be the last time he would see the sun, the last time he would see his sheep. He was exactly 74 years old.

He saw some people coming on the main road to Mazotos and he did not know that it was a group coming from the funeral of a policeman in Anafotia – the policeman Tasos Konstantinou had been killed in Agios Sozomenos (Arpalik). Was he one of the policemen who had been ambushed and killed in the engine house on the edge of the village in early February 1964 or was he later killed in the clashes that followed this ambush by a group of TMT youths without the consent of its leader TMT in the village?

The “cigarette”

The old shepherd knew none of this – according to a Greek Cypriot friend who told me the story, when he saw the crowd coming, he went forward to greet them and ask for a cigarette, putting two fingers to his mouth and making the motion of smoking.

Instead of a cigarette, he was killed there, on the main road to Mazoto, along with his cousin Shevket Salih Sakalli. Shevket was 44 years old, also from Kivisili, married to Pembe and they had six children. Some Greek Cypriots who were returning from the policeman's funeral in Anafotia, killed them both. Both have been “missing” since that day.

I'm sure the old man couldn't, and didn't understand why he was killed. After all, all he wanted was a cigarette. In his silent world, he couldn't even shout out loud, tell his killers “Stop! Please stop!…'. He met death, as he met life, in utter silence – perhaps only with his eyes, his face and his hands, he made signals trying to tell the Greek Cypriot killers that all he wanted was a cigarette!… The old man did not know the TMT youths who set up an ambush outside Agios Sozomenos, he did not know that there were clashes afterwards and some Turkish Cypriots and Greek Cypriots were killed, he did not know that Agios Sozomenos was evacuated and they took all the Turkish Cypriots to Lurujina (Akincilar) to live a refugee life for the rest of their lives. He did not know that Agios Sozomenos became a ghost village at the edge of Dali and Potamia – over the years, the buildings collapsed into stones and dust and nothing remained, nothing except the memory of those who remembered what life was like in this village”.

On the evening of January 3, 2019, before publishing the information that Stavros Antoniou gave us, I speak with Yusuf Aykan – he bears the name of the “missing” Yusuf Emir Hasan since he was his great uncle. When his great uncle and father Shevket Salih Sakalli “disappeared”, he was only seven years old. Yusuf Emir Hasan never married and had no children. Mrs. Pembe, Yusuf Aykan's mother, died years ago. His brother Ilkay died in 2011. His sisters Zehra and Ayshe died. Alpay's brother, whom I had spoken to in 2009 and 2011, had been in a coma for the past three years, in a dramatic state of health. Emete's sister's husband was very ill. Thus, the story of one of those killed in Mazot, Shevket Salih Sakalli, is very dramatic – while waiting all these years for his burial place to be found by the DEA, his wife died, three of their six children and fourth is in critical condition. Waiting for news from their “missing” father since 1964, an entire family is lost. 55 years have passed and they are still waiting – maybe now, with the humanitarian gesture of Stavros Antoniou, they will be able to get back the bones of their father and their great uncle”.

The latest update

Later, when a few weeks ago I published in the YENIDUZEN newspaper the information given to me by my Greek Cypriot reader about a new possible burial place, the wife of one of my grandsons writes and informs me that the more children of Shevket Salih Sakalli have died and only two of his children are alive and waiting – Yusuf Aykan who now lives in Lysi and Emete Guzelay who lives in London and of course the grandchildren remain and try to follow his case. They are still waiting for news of his fate.

Please, for the sake of the grandchildren, share with us what you know, if you know anything about their burial places.

Source: politis.com.cy

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