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The Click & Collect of Alfamega Supermarkets is in operation

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The service allows consumers to choose when to pick up their shopping.

Σε λειτουργΙα το Click & Collect τω&nu ; Υπεραγορoν Αλφαμeγα

At this stage, the Click & Collect service is available at Alfamega Acropolis and Polemidion Hypermarkets.

Faithfully following the path of innovation and development, with the aim of continuously upgrading their services for the benefit of consumers, Alfamega Hypermarkets launched the new, innovative Click & shopping service at the beginning of May. Collect. This is a pioneering service for Cypriot data, which, without any additional charge, gives consumers the possibility to pick up the products they order through the online store of Alphamega Supermarkets, bypassing the delivery service.

With the advantage of maximum convenience and speed in making purchases, Click & Collect offers consumers the opportunity to choose when to pick up their shopping.

The process is simple and easy to use. Through the online store of Alphamega Supermarkets, the consumer creates the list of products he wants to buy, then chooses the Click & Collect and specifies when he wishes to receive his order, based on the set schedule. Then, with complete comfort, the consumer can hurry to pick up his shopping from the special lockers in the product collection area, using a code previously sent to him.

The service Click & Collect has lockers of three different temperatures, so that products stored there are kept unchanged and fresh under any weather conditions. In particular, there are lockers for frozen products, for refrigerator items, as well as for products kept at room temperature.

At this stage, the Click & Collect is available at Alfamega Acropolis and Polemidion Hypermarkets. By the end of the year, it is expected to expand to three more stores of the chain in all cities, while the long-term goal is to gradually expand it to an even greater number of the company's stores. The service operates, for starters, with two collection slots and with long time slots, so that consumers get used to the Click & Collect. The number of pick-up windows will increase in the next period.

In his statement, the Chief Information Officer of Alfamega Supermarkets, Andreas Dimitriou, said: “Our perennial goal is to offer customers who have honored us with their trust over the years, a pleasant and upgraded shopping experience, based on the constantly changing needs of the modern consumer. In this context, we are constantly expanding our services, adopting innovative practices in the field of e-commerce. In line with this philosophy, our new service Click & Collect saves the customer time, making the shopping experience enjoyed by our chain more pleasant and tailored to their needs. We are confident that Click & Collect, for the design and implementation of which we worked a lot in the previous months, will be embraced by the consumer public”.

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