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“The coach says some things, he tries to explain”

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Anorthosis spokesman Dimitris Christoforou spoke about the defeat in the game with Aris on SPORT FM.

For the defeat by Aris: “ Our team could not make a big upset even though it tried. The reason for the defeat was a bad ten minutes, our team put itself in a difficult situation, conceding three goals from the same player. In the remaining 70 minutes and more we consider that our team was better on the field, it aggressively claimed what was due to it, it did it to a degree but not to allow us to get a positive result. It could have been different if the goalkeeper of Aris did not make two great saves after the 3-2, but he did and in the end the result is considered fair “.

Regarding the team's reaction after 3-0 : “When you want to analyze a match, you have to calculate everything. In the match against Ethnikos, it was not possible to remove what preceded for the last 20 minutes. Now we can not focus only on the rest of the match and not on the minutes that cost us. We can not even be happy because we reacted, because we did not do it to the extent we should. We do not paint them black, we still have 28 games in the league, the games in Europe and the technical leadership must definitely work with the players as many parts of the game are evaluated as not going well to improve the image “.

On the ups and downs in performance: “The coach says some things, he tries to explain. When we were preparing and the friendlies were canceled, we were invited to take a stand and we did it. The preparation did not go smoothly and some part of the binding is transferred during the season. The games are continuous and we have many internationals. There is no time to work on some things. Our team is very good, it was built to compete and there are requirements that our team does not meet. We have to accept it and work to improve. “

For the continuation and the game with Apollo: “As long as the series of Apollo continues, the difference from the others will seem big. We cannot look at what others are doing. The league is competitive and that helps. Some teams, like Aris, do not have the capacity we knew in previous years. They have invested money and their ambitions are not limited to avoiding demotion. This year there is a fifth European ticket, this must also be counted “.

For the improvement they are waiting for: “Alas if we accepted that the quality of the roster is what it has presented in the championship. We did not need the credentials of Europe to think we could play much better. This is not the time to say too much, but to work hard to correct what goes wrong. “

About the game with Ghent: “On Wednesday morning we leave for Belgium and she will be there with her people. We have a lot of demand, I can not say the exact number because people will come from other countries. It will be an excursion that will have plenty of pulse. The organized ones also prepared excursions and filled their flights. We will see in the two days that the presale will last how many will travel. We want to represent our own colors and Cyprus with dignity, to be competitive against a very high quality opponent and to claim what is due to us “.

For the matches: “It is difficult for Abartzumyan to catch up, we will see if he can be with us for the next obligations. At the moment we do not have in mind anything else, everyone joined the mission. Michalis Ioannou had a virus, logically he will have overcome it “.

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Source: gipedo.politis.com.cy

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