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The Common Leaders of the Vasilikos area are satisfied for a Ministerial

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The Common Leaders of the Vasilikos area are satisfied for a Ministerial

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The Commune Mayors of the Vasilikos area are satisfied with yesterday's meeting that took place yesterday Monday at the Presidential Palace and with the instructions given by President Anastasiadis on issues of fencing, security and control of the Energy Center.

The Mayor of Kalavasos and Chairman of the Coordinating Committee of the nine Communities of the Vasilikos area, Lefteris Fokas, expressed his assessment to KYPE that “even now everyone has realized the degree of danger that the Energy Center has in the area of Vasilikos. The energy of Cyprus has accumulated in one place and it is of utmost importance to realize that we must be very careful since, from what was seen, no matter what measures are taken, the risk of an accident cannot be eliminated “.

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Answering a relevant question, Mr. Fokas said that “we are very satisfied with the meeting that took place yesterday, Monday, January 17, at the Presidential Palace under the President of the Republic, Nikos Anastasiadis, who also gave clear instructions for speeding up the completion of projects. related to the creation of the Energy Center, given their strategic importance “.

As a first step, he continued “we are quite satisfied with what the President of the Republic proposed on the issue of security, including the installation of fencing and cameras to monitor the area, patrols, the creation of infrastructure for a fire station in order to supplies water to the area. However, we consider that all these projects are pending since they are still in the planning stage “.

So far, said the Mayor of Kalavasos, “the construction of a Fire Station in Vasiliko has been completed, but the recruitment of the 56 firefighters who will staff it is pending. We consider positive the fact that we have been given the promise that the Station will operate even with the relocation of some firefighters “.

In another question, Lefteris Fokas also described as “important the fact that there will be supervision of the projects that will be implemented. Specifically, following the instructions of the President of the Republic, a group will be set up, which will control the progress of the projects and will meet every fortnight, so that it has the control of the entire Energy Center “.

He added that “the Coordinating Committee suggested that there be a representative of the nine Communities in the area in this group, but we do not know whether our request will be accepted. We also expect some of the issues we discussed at a previous meeting held at the beginning of January at the Ministry of Energy to be implemented, including the absence of some plants in the area that are of first degree danger, ie ammonia, urea, methanol and asphalt and any other polluting ».

According to Mr. Fokas, “the Ministry of Energy replied on January 10 that our requests are accepted so that there are no factories in the area that are of the first degree of danger other than that of methanol, something that the Steering Committee does not accept. The issue of non-presence in the area of the Energy Center of the asphalt factory is also pending, since the Ministry wants to move to the industrial area of Kalavasos, next to the quarry, something that we do not accept “.

He also stated that “the Ministry will hire a person for security issues at the Energy Center, while accepting the request of the Coordinating Committees for the recruitment by the Communities of a person who will be paid by the state and will be specialized in environmental issues and security. The specific person will be in the area to control and deal with any incident “.

Lefteris Fokas also said that “the construction of the factories may be done according to European standards, but the great concern of the residents of the area is their subsequent operation, ie to be checked so that they do not deviate from the specific European standards.” .

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