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The “construction” has begun at the National and the burden falls on the new technician

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Started some time ago the programming at the National. With the Achniot team saved, the technical director Apostolos Makridis rolled up his sleeves and in collaboration with the president Kikis Filippou, they are “planning” the team for the new year. They have enough time ahead of them and no hasty decisions will be made.

The first issue they want to close is that of the coach. At the end of the season, Marinos Satsias will be a thing of the past and the reins of Ethnikos will be in new hands. The decision not to renew the collaboration with Marino Sacia was made some time ago.

According to what is circulating, the point of friction and consequently the main reason for the divorce, was the management of the roster. by the Cypriot coach in the indifferent games of the second group. Already like Satsias himself, he announced that he is looking for a new bench and a new team.

On Saturday, Ethnikos will host AEZ. Another indifferent game in which the National wants the victory for prestige.

Source: gipedo.politis.com.cy

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