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The corruption of Cypriot politicians

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The corruption of Cypriot politicians

When a good colleague from Nicosia called me to inform me about the case that shocks the political and journalistic community of Cyprus, with the resignation of my colleague Andreas Paraschos, I spontaneously replied: “you came to my words”. I confess that I missed it, but I owed it…

For a long time now, I have been shouting for the corruption of the political and economic agents of the island. And in all of them, for a long time now, I have included, of course, lawyers, accountants and media businessmen, who are unfortunately used for their “dirty work”. (I would like to emphasize here that NOT all lawyers and accountants are corrupt. Unfortunately, their few unacceptable colleagues take them by the throat).

When I started writing about political corruption, the “dogs” of the system – alarmingly and unabashedly – were ordered to attack me in the most obscene way, using unbelievable lies, which they spread through the community networks. Until they “discovered” that my child, who lives permanently abroad, works at the Presidential Palace.

Their message, using all means, was to stop engaging in corruption in the “Island of the Saints”. I did not stop engaging – and continuing to write – but several times I felt desperately alone. Because from the moment the system entered the media, I knew that the corrupt were covering their backs. In this newspaper, whenever I dealt with corruption, NO ONE bothered me. I was never told to stop writing. And I note this so that the ball does not take them all.

I do not want to reproduce whispers about which businessmen-lawyers have acquired media. Because the investigation was not completed. Unfortunately the mouths remain closed. But at some point the pimple must break. In order for the citizens of Cyprus to know the net and the acquired in the media.

The decision of my colleague Andreas Paraschos to deal with the “golden passports” and especially with “any involvement” of the President of the Republic of Cyprus, was brave without a doubt. And I hope that he will continue the fight that started, so that the truth may shine. I note at this point that Mr. Nikos Anastasiadis denied with his own statement, and that of the Government Spokesman, the post of the colleague, who stated that the President, in a conversation with Alexis Tsipras in Athens, and because he had drunk a little more (this was basically what he meant) he admitted that he raised 300 million euros from the sale of the “golden passports”. I therefore note the presidential denials, as well as Mr Tsipras' statement.

I did not expect anything less, or more, but I know the rules of journalism. Very well. I have taken part in major international research, I do journalism in Washington, the hardest city in the world for our profession, and I have learned to be absolute.

So I ask myself a question: Have I ever heard the 300 million euro figure mentioned by Andreas Paraschos? The truth is that I heard him. But I did not trust the one who claimed it. And do you know why? Because when I pushed him for evidence he turned out to be a coward. He did not have the courage to support it publicly. And that's where the issue stopped.

Those who informed the colleague about the discussion between Mr. Anastasiadis and Mr. Tsipras about the 300 million must find the courage and come forward. To tell the truth and to support it with evidence, if of course they have. Because if we assume that the President of Cyprus said it to the then Prime Minister of Greece – even if he was in a state of joy – we have the right to assume that Mr. Tsipras conveyed it to the political leaders of Cyprus. It's a logical assumption…

The president of SYRIZA denies it, Mr. Anastasiadis denied it, the secretary general of AKEL did not hear anything, and the colleague was exposed, who resigned (in his honor I say, without going into the details of his departure).

But the charge is heavy. And even if he was wronged, the President of Cyprus must come out of this case clean. The big question must be answered: Does he or a member of his family have an account or accounts in the Seychelles? In other words, we start with the easy. Whether or not he carried cash on the Saudi plane, we do not know, nor will we ever know. And I do not reproduce the colleague's accusation, because I do not know if it is true. I just put the simple and the easy: I ask if there are presidential accounts in the exotic part that Mr. Anastasiadis chooses for his vacation … Nothing else (for now)…

HYSTEROGRAPH I: The Five-Party Conference on the Cyprus issue is a fact according to the revealing article of “Phileleftheros”. Towards the end of February, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres will invite interested parties to New York for three full days to set the trap, in cooperation with the British and Turks, on the President of Cyprus and Prime Minister of Greece.

This is how things are and everything else that is said is bullshit. The Republic of Cyprus will be presented in the Pentameri as a Greek Cypriot community – at the same level as the occupied regime, which exists only due to the presence of the Turkish occupation troops.

The President of Cyprus, who drives the “dance of death” of the Republic of Cyprus and the Prime Minister of Greece into this, has no legitimacy to negotiate given the great problem of corruption. Neither he nor the leaders of AKEL and DISY, who support his unacceptable decision to enter a path that may have no return.

I understand that the helpless Antonio Guterres, always in cooperation with the Turks and the British, will trap Mr. Anastasiadis in the process with the aim of closing the Cyprus issue once and for all, handing over Cyprus to the sphere of influence of occupied Turkey. The current President of Cyprus, I simply say, is committing a crime against the Cypriot Hellenism, which constitutes the vast majority of the population. His mistakes, and the mistakes of the other leaders, cannot be paid for by the Greek element. What exactly is he trying to do? Taking advantage of the pandemic and being under pressure due to the scandals that shake his government, does he break out in the Cyprus issue? That should do; Let him think again because – and I am sorry to say it in public – he does not have the stamina to withstand the pressures and blackmails he will face.

HYSTEROGRAPH II: I would like to ask those who have evidence of corruption to contact me. Interest has been expressed in the corruption of the island's political and economic actors by activists of international investigative journalism. Confidentiality is guaranteed


Source: www.philenews.com

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