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The cruise sector is strengthened despite the pandemic – Journey to the Mythical Archipelago with Celestyal Cruises

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The cruise sector is strengthened despite the pandemic - Journey to the Mythical Archipelago with Celestyal Cruises

2021 is a particularly important year for the development of Celestyal Cruises as, despite the Covid-19 pandemic which significantly affected the tourism sector, the company nevertheless decided to raise anchors, welcome the public and of course invest in a new ship in which will soon launch cruises. “P” had the opportunity to travel with Celestyal Olympia, the fully renovated ship.

“After 16 months of not actually operating like Celestyal Cruises, we were one of the first companies to decide to stop cruising from March 2020, thus showing quick reflexes,” said Frosso Zaroulea, Celestyal Cruises Public Relations Officer. Explaining that before they raised anchor and welcomed the public again, there was a significant preparation, as the company participated in committees of the International Cruise Association, while it was in constant contact with the Cypriot and Greek health authorities to comply with the protocols. And this seemed from the beginning to be the main concern of the company, since in addition to the comfortable trip offered to the traveler, he will have a safe trip throughout the cruise he will choose, since all sanitary measures against the coronavirus are observed. . In other words, he can enjoy every moment on the ship with all the comforts, in all places, moving away from the stress of the disease. “We started with Crystal on June 12 and on June 29, Olympia started traveling. “First the first ship as a pilot and then the second.” As a company, Ms. Zaroulea noted, “we ask for a molecular test regardless of whether someone is vaccinated or not, while in Olympia there is a team that conducts a free antigen test at sea. In fact, we are very pleased, because the strict protocols, including the mandatory use of a mask in the common areas of the ship, were treated positively by our passengers “. He added that the goal of Celestyal Cruises is to expand the routes until December, so new routes to Egypt and Israel will be gradually added, while the new cruise ship Celestyal Experience, with a capacity of 1,800 people, launches in March. of 2022 and will carry out seven-day cruises.

The cruise sector is strengthened despite the pandemic - Journey to the Mythical Archipelago with Celestyal Cruises

In the Mythical Archipelago

“P” traveled with Celestyal Olympia as a guest of the company and Action Global Communication and conveys a really beautiful experience that he unreservedly recommends, as, as is well known, in Cyprus the summer does not end in August, but probably then… begins! From Limassol to the “Mythical Archipelago”, a unique sea voyage that takes you to the Greece of magic. From the bustling Limassol, the tourist center of Cyprus, begins an experience in a 5-star floating hotel that provides all the amenities for people of all ages.

Our first stop, after we left the beautiful Limassol, Agios Nikolaos of Crete. Along the magnificent Cretan coastline, east of Heraklion, are the bustling seaside towns of Hersonissos and Malia, as well as the capital of Lassithi, Agios Nikolaos. The charming seaside town, named after the Greek patron saint of sailors, overlooks the wide Gulf of Mirabello. The city's attraction, Lake Voulismeni – where the goddess Athena is said to have bathed – is connected to the sea. If you have time, go by boat or boat to Spinalonga. A unique experience, on a small island where history meets myth.

The cruise sector is strengthened despite the pandemic - Journey to the Mythical Archipelago with Celestyal Cruises

Second station, Lavrio ! Known from ancient history for silver mining and later as a center of industrial production Lavrio, this small town on the edge of Attica, is returning dynamically. Lavrio Marina, its beaches, as well as its Mineralogical Museum attract groups with the mood and time to explore. But even a fleeting visit will leave you with a vivid memory. Characteristic are the taverns of Lavrio with fresh seafood and the staff that welcomes you as a good friend who has just returned from a trip to the sea.

As dawn set for our third stop in Thessaloniki, we did not resist and woke up a little earlier to see the sunrise from the stern of the ship, until the co-capital of Greece emerged. In Thessaloniki you will enjoy the charming architecture and the cobbled streets, while relatively close you can visit the biblical city of Veria. Follow the local guide to learn about the trials of the Apostle Paul as he tried to persuade the noble Jews living there. Cruise without fun does not say, so Celestyal Cruises made sure in our fourth stop the cosmopolitan Mykonos to stay several hours to get enough (as much as possible). The sunny island, known as the “Island of the Winds”, is easily recognizable by the iconic 16th century windmills hanging from the rocks. The city of Mykonos offers a magnificent landscape with sandy beaches along the coast. Enjoy the gastronomic delicacies of the island or visit the sacred island of Delos by boat.

Next stop, just before our return to Cyprus, is the magical Santorini. The romantic island of Santorini is what is left of the catastrophic eruption of the volcano in the 16th century. The stunning scenery is combined with the traditional whitewashed houses and churches with blue domes on a charming blue background. There you will experience the Mediterranean way of life in an idyllic oasis and relax in the tranquility of the island. Of course, we did not miss the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful Oia, with the most beautiful – as many claim – sunset in the world. And yes! We do not wrong them!

Our last stop is the beautiful Rhodes, or otherwise the island of the Knights! The picturesque island of Rhodes is famous for its wonderful beaches, its majestic fortifications and the good weather all year round. The jewel of the island is located high on a rock, overlooking the crystal clear waters – the Acropolis of Lindos. The free guided tour here includes the opportunity to discover the enchanting Old Town of the island.

The cruise sector is strengthened despite the pandemic - Journey to the Mythical Archipelago with Celestyal Cruises

Everything at your feet!

Bars, restaurants, casinos, playgrounds, but also spa services, gym and hairdresser, give you everything you need for a comfortable cruise. Of course, good food and service play their part. Mediterranean cuisine meets different flavors, with the palate tasting a feast of aromas and food every day. And since we said about service… as we were informed, about 300 people from all over the world are literally 24 hours a day to answer all your questions and run for whatever you need, while among others there is doctor at sea! So seven days and six unique destinations were waiting for us to discover them, while we were fed up with the sea and many, many sunsets in the middle and the impressions from the people we met, the memories we gathered, will surely remain forever in our minds, but especially in our hearts. And for that a huge thank you to Celestyal Cruises and Action Global Communication!

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