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The Cypriot mission closes with Artimata and Trajkovic

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The Cypriot mission closes with Artimata and Trajkovic

Two participations of athletes of the Cyprus Olympic team include the program of Tuesday, August 3, which completes the Cypriot appearances at the 32nd Summer Olympic Games. Eleni Artymata in the 400m. and Milan Trajkovic in the 110m. Obstacles are thrown in the battle of the qualifiers with the aim of qualifying for the semifinals of the next day (24 athletes qualify).

Eleni Artymata competes at 04.25 in the early hours of Cyprus time, in the morning program at the Olympic Stadium in Tokyo. He will participate in the 6th and last qualifying round on the 9th treadmill. 46 athletes participate in the competition and in the semifinals the first three from each series and the six best times that will be marked by the other athletes in all series advance.

This year, Artymata has scored the 5th best performance of the participants in its series (51.79), while in terms of its individual performance 51.14, which is the nationwide record from 2018, it is also the 5th in relation to individual performance of the other athletes in the series. In the total of 46 athletes, the Cypriot champion holds the 29th place in terms of performance this year.

Eleni Artymata participates for the 4th time in the Olympic Games. The three previous appearances concerned the 200m. and for the first time this year will participate in the 400m. In “Beijing 2008” it took the 30th place, in “London 2012” the 17th, and in “Rio 2016” the 39th.

Milan Trajkovic will compete at 13.18 Cyprus time, in the evening program at the Olympic Stadium in Tokyo. He will take part in the 2nd qualifying round, in the 2nd corridor. The race involves 42 athletes who will run in five qualifying rounds. The first four from each series and the four best times that will be scored by all the other athletes in all series advance to the semifinals.

This year, 13.82, which Milan certainly has, does not represent its real potential, and in turn is the worst time of all the participants. His own pan-Cypriot record of 13.25 (since 2017), is the 4th best individual performance of those participating in his series. Out of a total of 42 athletes, Milan Trajkovic holds the 38th performance this year, and the 24th individual performance.

Trajkovic is competing in the Olympics for the second time in a row. He had preceded his amazing performance at “Rio 2016” five years ago, when he reached the final of the race, finally occupying the 7th place.

The pending with Marios Georgiou (1st runner-up)
It is also reminded that tomorrow the final will be held at Monozygo in Gymnastics. Marios Georgiou, who was 9th in the qualifying round, is the first runner-up for his participation in the final. The Cypriot gymnast will be with the eight who will compete in the final until the final warm-up and until they are announced to arrive to start the race. In case for any reason one of the eight does not enter the competition, he will be replaced by Mario Georgiou. The Single Scale is scheduled to start at 18.39 (12.39 Cyprus time).

The program of the two athletes is as follows:
Athletics: 10.25 (04.25 Cyprus time): Eleni Artymata / 400m. / 6th qualifying round / 9th corridor.

19.18 (13.18 Cyprus time): Milan Trajkovic / 110m. Emp./ 2nd qualifying series / 2nd corridor.

source: Goal.com.cy

Source: 24h.com.cy

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