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The Cypriots are putting… their backs

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 Βαζουν... πλατη οι Κyπριοι

For about two weeks now, after the announcement of the resignation of the Andreas Santis administration, there has been no strong interest from a person who will get Anorthosis out of the difficult position and offer it stability on all fronts. Even if a combination is found that will lead the “Lady” to the next day, in view of the May 14 election convention, logic says that the tactic that will be followed, at least for the new season, is that of accumulation. In other words, there will be no openings since the “holes” of the past will have to be covered and its assets “saved”. Such as “Antonis Papadopoulos” for which a moving effort is being made, not only by the friends of the team but also by other associations and individuals.

In this effort, and considering that they have left or will leave almost all foreigners, the weight will fall on the local element. They will, in short, form the basis for building a decent set that the Anortho-Asians will be proud of, realizing that they cannot ask for much.

The contracts of three players on the roster are being completed, but they can be important pillars for the transitional year that is predicted for Anorthosis. One is Neophytos Michael, the other is Pavlos Correa and the third is Minas Antoniou. With everything that is taking place, they are also worried, but they know very well that in the new season their role will be upgraded. And together with Michalis Ioannou, Andreas Keraynos, Andreas Chrysostomou, Daniel Paroutis, Dimitrianos Tzouliou and of course the captain Kostakis Artymatas they are ready to… back.

Since there is no management, no one can say for sure who will be the new helmsman. A large part of the world, however, through Social Networking Media, urges the stay of Yannou Okka. And they believe that with him on the bench, other young people will emerge and through this difficult year that is on the horizon, maybe they will come out positively. Of course, the Cypriot coach is also worried about what happens the next day. And it is not certain, if he accepts an offer to stay, how he will stay on the bench.

Xristoforos Christofi

Source: gipedo.politis.com.cy

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