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The Cyprus Banking Association supports the “Commando In Your Pocket” Podcast

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The Cyprus Banking Association supports the

The effort launched by the Podcast “Commando In Your Pocket” to tackle financial illiteracy is supported by the Cyprus Banking Association, which is now its institutional sponsor.
This is a cooperation based on the principles of respect and independence of “Commando In Your Pocket” and aims to provide citizens with access to information on the management of their own financial data.

With the support of the Cyprus Banking Association, Podcast has acquired its own electronic library, which is now publicly available for free on the Website www.koumanto.com
Commenting on the cooperation between the two sides, the General Manager of the Banking Association, Michalis Kammas, said: “Knowledge is essentially the core of the Association's work and our long-term goal is to find ways and tools to disseminate it to society. At the same time, we strongly believe that a well-informed society can make more sound, prudent and thoughtful decisions. Besides, as an Association for years we have undertaken initiatives for the implementation of educational programs for students and adults. In this context of culture and politics, we proceeded to support the extremely interesting and useful podcast “Commando In Your Pocket” precisely to give further impetus to the knowledge that reaches the average citizen, consumer or household “.

For their part, the producers thanked the Association of Banks of Cyprus for its trust and support to “Commando in your Pocket”. It is a strategic partnership that aims to strengthen the financial knowledge of the society and to help the citizens to expand their perceptions and skills. “It is important at this time, when we are facing the pandemic, but also the time inequalities in the salaries and pensions of men and women, for the citizens to know the choices they have. Especially in our country, which has experienced many economic crises but also in our time when technological changes bring turmoil, knowledge about finances should be easily accessible to all. For the good of ourselves and our children “.

The podcast “Commando In Your Pocket” is the first Greek-language podcast on financial, personal and financial management, produced by financial reporting journalist George Georgiou and the creator of the “Queens of Money” Website, Cleopatra Kitti. You can listen to the podcast through the Podcast platforms (Spotify, Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, SoundCloud), the Sponsor Websites as well as all the CITIZEN Media. It is also available on Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn), on the YouTube channel as well as on the Website https://koumanto.com

Source: politis.com.cy

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