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The decision for an article by Parashos is misinterpreted, says the Department of Journalistic Ethics

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The decision for an article by Parashos is misinterpreted, says the Department of Journalistic Ethics

A new announcement on the issue that arose with the article by Andreas Paraschos entitled “The demon took us” – published in the newspaper “Kathimerini” on January 10, 2021 – was issued today by the Journalistic Ethics Committee (EDD), considering that its decision has been successful misinterpretation “with publications that have nothing to do with the style and content of the decision”. “Unfortunately, the Commission notes that its decision, which was taken by a majority and with a self-exclusion for reasons of conflict of interest, is misinterpreted, with publications that have nothing to do with the style and content of the decision,” the statement said.

Therefore, it is added, he considers it appropriate to reiterate that he has found a violation of the provision number 1 on accuracy in the Code of Journalistic Ethics, as regards the following paragraph of the article: “… However, he realized that the 'golden passports' were the hen with the golden eggs, which he allegedly confessed to on a night of merriment in Athens, he left at the Office of 300 million per year, which he then took to the Seychelles by private flights… ».

The Committee on Journalistic Ethics notes in its announcement that it remains in its mission, which, as defined in the General Provisions of the Code, includes the protection of the right to Freedom of Expression.

Satisfaction of PD 

The President of the Republic, Nikos Anastasiadis, welcomes the decision of the EJN, which ruled that the article in question by the journalist, Andreas Paraschos, blatantly violates the Code of Journalistic Ethics for not publishing inaccurate, misleading or distorting, misleading or distorting or comments.

In today's announcement, the Presidency of the Republic states that the President of the Republic expects that the journalist Andreas Paraschos will follow the recommendation of the EJN, but also the provisions of the Statute of the Commission, which clearly states that in case of violation of the Code of Journalistic Ethics, the one who violated it should proceed to an immediate correction or apology.

The President of the Republic also expects that anyone who used the false and imaginary information recorded in his article by Mr. Paraschos, will publicly correct it.

Also, President Anastasiadis wants to make it clear that he is not willing to tolerate the derailment of his personality and dignity through misleading, imaginary and false publications and does not relinquish his right to appeal to justice.

The Union of Authors

In the meantime, in its announcement, the Presidency of the Republic, encloses the announcement of the Cyprus Writers' Union, dated 14/1/2021, in which it expresses its strong dissatisfaction and concern for the sad ending that had an article incident with the former Director Editor of “Kathimerini” Cyprus, member of the PSC, Andrea Paraschos.

“This is clearly a case of downsizing the press and forcing a journalist to resign,” he said.

As he notes, “the publishers-employers of A. Paraschos, as they should not, made an apology in writing, on his behalf and in his absence”, adding that “the only option left until yesterday until the Director of” K “was to resign, as and he did so while preserving his professional dignity, prestige and competence “.

He also notes that “the whole incident particularly hurts the freedom of expression and the freedom of the press in our country and leaves an indelibly negative mark on the journalism of our country, on the pluralism of views and on the ethics of public speech.”

“The whole incident is sad, disturbing and dangerous. It leaves exposed not only the publishers-employers of “K” but also the holders and specifically the presidential environment. Excessive zeal is always a bad advisor for everyone.

The role of the journalist is not to silence the authorities, but to control them, to lie to them, to judge and criticize them on behalf of the public. When the public opinion roars about the issues of corruption that plague our country, when the international media strongly criticizes the situation on the whole issue in our country, the Cypriot journalists cannot remain silent. “Because the journalists are also judged, they are not safe”, he adds.


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Source: politis.com.cy

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