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The decisive role of Cyprus for the “sea corridor” to succeed

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As of 7:40 a.m. last Thursday, the floating jetty prepared by the American military has been anchored on the Gaza coastline. According to the Pentagon, in the US, through this “sea corridor” up to 2 million meals will be able to be transported to the people of Gaza. In this international effort, Cyprus succeeded in having an important and essential role which is recognized first of all by the Americans themselves.

A few hours before the completion of the mooring of the pier, two US officials had briefed journalists on the situation as it develops around the transfer of humanitarian aid by sea (the other two processes that continue are by road from various crossing points and by air through of Jordan). Both Dan Dickhouse (of the US Agency for International Development, USAID) and Vice Admiral Brad Cooper(deputy commander of the US Central Command, CENTCOM) were clear in their positions, that the “sea corridor” will not replace existing aid transfer procedures. As they underlined the humanitarian needs of the people of Gaza and cannot be met through a process alone.

In this whole process, Cyprus has a central role to play, a fact that is underlined by American officials. And this role is not only about using the facilities in Larnaca. Vice Admiral Cooper specifically reported: “We have two tuning cores – one in Cyprus and one in Israel. For weeks, we have been working side by side with the USAID team, the Cypriots, the Israelis and the United Nations to support the planning effort to increase the flow of humanitarian aid to Gaza. The Israeli government has been very supportive of this overall effort. We are coordinating closely between all parties to ensure the smooth flow of goods from Cyprus to Gaza and then to ensure coordination mechanisms where deliveries are distributed within Gaza”. As noted by D. Dickhaus in this whole process, both in Cyprus and in Gaza, the United Nations also plays a role. In Cyprus they help organize the goods and in Gaza they lead the coordination and distribution of the goods.

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<p>Further on Cyprus, Dan Dickhaus stated that its assistance is on two levels: a) It provides hosting which includes port facilities and supply capacity, and b) Organizational function, it leads a multinational coordination core and organizes all the actors involved in which including US, UK, EU and UAE. Characteristically, he said that Cyprus succeeds in ensuring that everyone is “on the same page”. For his part, Vice Admiral Cooper characteristically said: “<em>I would like to express my thanks to the Cypriot government for its leadership and support of this business which would not have been possible without these efforts. There is excellent horizontal coordination with all international partners which is made possible because of Cyprus”.</p>
<p>The above reports were received with great satisfaction in Nicosia as, as we were told by government officials “<em>the nexus of the leadership actions of the Republic of Cyprus and its role as a hub of security and stability is constantly confirmed”. It is further underlined from the Cypriot side “<em>The strong diplomatic mobilization throughout this time, with continuous contacts and a series of visits by officials from our partners and interested parties, reflects the political and technical recognition of our initiative as well as its strategic character</em>“.</p>
<p>In this context of mobilization, the visit of the President of the European Commission last March, the perfect coordination with the American and British sides, as well as the mobilization – which is considered a catalyst – of the United Arab Emirates are included. “<em>Movements that were pivotal to the activation of the maritime corridor</em>“, note Cypriot officials. Most recently, from a series of visits that had to do with the “sea corridor” that of Canada's foreign minister. A visit which is expected to combine the practical and active support of the entire “Amalthea” initiative and the Canadian government.</p>
<p>The European Union and especially the civil protection engineer did not, in the initial stages, see this initiative of Cyprus with particular enthusiasm. Going back a few months we will notice that European officials had expressed themselves in an ironic way as to whether what Cyprus had proposed could be implemented. Thus losing an opportunity for the EU itself to play a leading role, a position which was subsequently occupied by substantial moves by the USA.</p>
<p>Then the EU entered the whole effort through the <strong>Civil Protection and Humanitarian Mechanism. of Operations (DG ECHO)</strong>providing strong financial and logistical support for the robustness of the maritime corridor. It is also noted that the central mechanism of the UN, based on the relevant <strong>Resolution SA 2720</strong>, with the procedures of which the Amalthia Plan is aligned, provides the essential possibility of coordination and supervisory facilitation of the transfer of a standardized, systematic and controlled flow of cargoes of humanitarian goods.</p>
<p>With regard to the “Amalthia fund”, Nicosia is in intensive processes for the establishment and activation of the Fund with a specific structure, mechanisms and decision-making procedures, to maintain and strengthen the sustainable implementation of the “Amalthia Plan”. The Fund will cover both humanitarian needs and logistical support equipment for the maritime corridor infrastructure. Also, the Cypriot government is in final consultations with the partners who will participate in the said Fund based on specific conditions, while as already known the UAE, which played a key role in the activation of the maritime corridor, announced its intention to support the Fund, and to participate in it, with an amount of <strong>15 million dollars as an Emirati contribution</strong>.</p>
<p>With the operation of the jetty, the transportation of humanitarian aid will increase daily and will be in larger volumes. Earlier this week the USS James A. Loux (LSV-6) departed carrying cargo of humanitarian aid (UK/166 pallets/temporary housing items) as well as logistical support equipment to unload and transport the aid to be sent to the wharf.< /p> </p>
<p>In addition, the departures of other ships are expected, which will transport humanitarian aid with food, medical care, hygiene and temporary housing. Part of this aid will also be of Cypriot origin, initially, with 97 pallets of food items, while another will follow later for this purpose.</p>
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