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The decree was issued: Everything that will be valid from the 4th of May

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The decree was issued: Everything that will be valid from the 4th of May

The Minister of Health issued today the new decree with the regulations that will be in force from May 4, 2020 at 06.00 am, unless otherwise stated in the specific Regulations.

This is the 20th decree issued by the Minister of Health, which, among other things, allows access to sidewalks and sidewalks within parks only for individual sports purposes.

Individual prayer is also allowed in churches, mosques and other religious places of worship, except during the hours of religious ceremonies (eg Divine Liturgy) and provided that no more than 10 people are present in the place of religious worship.

The movement of persons is prohibited from 10.00 pm until 06.00 am, except for those who hold the employee Certificate of Movement form, Form A.

The use of the exceptional movement of persons, according to the provisions of Form B is limited to three times a day, by securing a permit by sending an SMS to the number 8998. Written statement of the exceptional movement of persons falling under the provisions of Form B, used only by persons over 65 years of age.

It is allowed to train high-performance athletes who are included in the list of the Cyprus Olympic Committee or who claim to qualify for the 2021 Olympic Games, without the use of locker rooms / gyms and any closed sports and similar infrastructure, in training will not exceed five people, including the coach.

Individual sports in the open air (walking, swimming, cycling, etc.) are allowed, provided that they do not exceed two people, except for the minor children of the parents who play sports.

They are allowed from May 18, 2020 at 06.00 am. training in open-air sports facilities for team sports without the use of locker rooms / gyms and any other indoor sports and similar infrastructure.

Persons are allowed to move to another Province, in addition to the one where they permanently reside (first residence), for swimming purposes in the sea (individual sport), provided that no more than two people are in the vehicle, except for minor children accompanied by their parents.

This transition will be for a reasonable period of time and these persons must return the same day to their permanent (first) residence, no later than 10 pm, when the traffic ban applies.

It is clarified that the permanent residents (first residence) in Provinces to which they have access to sea swimming, can not go to another Province for swimming purposes.

It is also noted that staying and / or resting on the beach, before and after swimming, is prohibited, except for sea access purposes.

Citizens are allowed to move from one province to another for the purpose of caring for people who fall into vulnerable groups and / or are unable to self-care (seniors, people with health problems, etc.) upon presentation of a certificate signed by those people.

It becomes mandatory for employees to use a face mask:

(a) In the premises of private enterprises serving the public,
(b) in the offices of the Public and wider Public Sector as well as Local Government Authorities, which serve the public,
(c) retailers that have not suspended their operations;
(d) means of public transport, including public transport;
(e) on construction sites.

The operation of the schools will resume from 11 May 2020, in terms of the DG Lyceum and the high school students of Private Secondary Schools, with the observance of protection and hygiene measures, based on Guidelines to be issued by the Ministries of Health and Education, Culture , Sports and Youth.

All employees in the public and wider public sector come to work in their workplaces.

Employees who fall into category B of the list of vulnerable groups, as determined by the Ministry of Health with a list published on April 29, 2020 and / or any future revision and will not return to their workplaces, are required to the homework assigned to them, remote workers.

The above category B employees who are unable due to the nature of the work and / or do not wish to perform distance work duties, must apply for sick leave.

In addition, employees who are responsible for caring for children up to the age of 15 submit a request to their respective Head of Service for homework, remote workers, until the reopening of public and private schools (until the end). of the school year).

It is noted that the above category of employees who are responsible for the care of children up to 15 years of age, who will not perform distance work duties and / or do not wish, must apply for a leave of absence.

According to the decree, employees and employers must comply with safety and health measures, in accordance with the Guidelines issued by the Ministries of Health and Labor, Welfare and Social Security.

All businesses whose operation has not been suspended and which accept the public to be served, as well as the offices of the public and wider public sector and the Local Authorities that serve the public, must take measures to signal the distance of at least two meters, the which must be observed by the citizens during their service, both inside and outside the premises and is not allowed to be present in the same space, ie in the service space, at any time number of persons, including employees, more than one person per 8 sq.m. useful space.

Source: politis.com.cy

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