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The delivery men “threw away” the motorcycles and took the bicycles and escooters

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«Πèταξαν» τι&sigma ; μοτοσικλΕτες οι ντελιβεραδες &kappa ;αι πorραν τα ποδorλατα και τα escooter

< p>In a new era have now entered the food distributors, who circulate mainly in the central arteries of the cities, as instead of moving with motorcycles and vehicles, they are on escooters or electric bicycles and with a backpack on their back they deliver to their destination the every order. 

At the same time, there are quite a few complaints from drivers on the main roads, as they will often find a distributor on their way either on an escooter or bike and will cause them discomfort as they create traffic and disrupt the smooth flow of cars. 

However, the absolute control of escooter and bicycle users is exclusively with the Police, even the distributors, since they circulate on the road network, which are controlled by the members of the Traffic Police who patrol various points and monitor the orderly traffic and if they comply with the drivers the road safety rules. 

At the same time, the labor inspection officers are on alert, checking the importation of the specific electrical machines and whether the intended European standards are respected. Speaking to REPORTER, the Labor Inspection Officer of the Ministry of Labour, Stefanos Achillides, said that intensive checks are being made on the import of these machines. “That is, when a company imports an escooter from a certain country, we will check whether these machines carry a declaration of conformity, which indicates that the machine was manufactured to a specific European Legislation and to a specific standard. If these things are not there, then we proceed with the corresponding actions”. 

As Mr. Achillides pointed out, “whether he is an employee or an ordinary citizen on a scooter or bicycle, he must obey the rules of the road. Whether the machine is safe when the manufacturer makes it is one thing, and how the user uses it is something else. For example, the distributors who use them must drive in the right lanes and the right roads, keep to the limit, wear a fluorescent vest and a helmet, to distinguish themselves from drivers. Also noteworthy is the fact that these machines should not and are not allowed to be 'tampered with', with the ultimate goal of running more on the roads than the company built. There are, of course, speed limits, which the Police control and have every right to issue a fine to those who exceed them”.

In fact, as it became clear, the situation with the users of scooters and bicycles cannot be uncontrolled. “We must use each motorized vehicle as provided for in its instructions for use and the regulations that exist for our safety . For example, when it rains, there is an instruction not to use them, as there is a risk of short circuit. It depends on where the battery and motor of each vehicle is. It is purely a matter of correct use by each driver who uses them”.

It is also noteworthy that each company has the free right to use escooters and electric bicycles for means of transport , instead of motorcycles and cars. “There are also those employees who do not have a driver's license, so with bicycles and escooters it is easier for them to operate. The problem is in the road that is created, but also in the way they use them”.

From the Department of Labor Inspection, it was clarified that    we do not have the power to stop and check every scooter and bicycle operator, but the Police have control over the road network and Legislation has already been implemented where it is allowed and how scooters and their users are allowed to move. Motorcycles also the electric ones that we see moving on the roads  are written in the Department of Road Transport, as they move at a speed of more than 25 kilometers. As can be understood, however, the responsibility lies with each driver for how they use these means”.

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Source: www.reporter.com.cy

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