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The Department of Agriculture calls on the Department of Agriculture to avoid spraying bee-toxic plant protection products at the flowering stage

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The Department of Agriculture of the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment invites farmers to avoid spraying bee-toxic plant protection products at the flowering stage, as part of the enlightenment campaign for the protection of bees and other pollinators. >

In a statement, the Department notes that “compliance with the Rational Use of Pesticides Regulations of 2012 as well as the Decree on Plant Protection Products 2018 (National Action Plan) is the obligation of all growers.”

Also, “Careful reading of the label of the plant protection product is required before its application, while non-observance of the instructions on the label of any preparation is a crime according to the Law on Plant Protection Products of 2011”.

The Department of Agriculture reminds that beekeepers have the obligation to write in each apiary their name, address or telephone number (optional).

Also, at the back of each hive there must be the appropriate marking as defined by the Department of Agriculture for easy identification and identification of the holder.

In cases where the removal of the apiary is required for any reason from the area, the relevant District Agricultural Office must be informed immediately, stating the relevant marking on the hives or the apiary, in order to locate the owner of the hives, concludes the announcement of the Department of Agriculture.

Source: KYPE

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