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“The division is lurking” says the President of the EOKA Fighters Associations. It calls for an end to disruptive outbreaks

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The President of the Associations of Fighters EOKA calls for unity and an end to the divisive outbursts – What does it say in a written statement

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The President of the Competitors Links EOKA 1955 – 1959 Yannis Spanossounds the alarm because division is lurking at our door and calls for unity.

In a written statement on the occasion of yesterday's demonstration outside the Parliament, Mr. Spanos calls on those involved to stop acting with disruptive outbursts and to assist in fraternal actions of friendship and cooperation, with the main purpose of supporting the liberation struggle that dissociation undermines and opens the circle of guilt for the passions of the homeland.

Reminds that on December 5 with a statement under the title “Civil Discord”, which was issued on the occasion of the Parliament's resolution for the Leader of EOKA Georgios Griva-Digeni, noted that the fighting world refuses to be complicit in the division, because it knows its consequences and called the people to unity.

Mr. Spanos also recalls a second announcement on December 8 “in which we warned that we do not participate in a group event condemning the actions against Digenis, because it would be identified with causing division”.

Source: cyprustimes.com

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