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Sunday, February 5, 2023

The Education Committee requests coordination of actions to deal with problems of non-football clubs

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The Education Committee requests coordination of actions to deal with problems of non-football clubs

The multiple problems faced by non-soccer team sports clubs, especially in terms of their financial resources and the suitability of their stadiums, were discussed by the Parliamentary Education Committee on Wednesday, while those in charge were asked to coordinate their actions to solve the problems.

The chairman of the Committee, DIKO MP Chrysanthos Savvidis, said in a statement that the issue was examined for the second consecutive session of the Committee and problems were identified, related to the sponsorships of the clubs, the lack of stadium facilities and the issue of licensing stadiums for first division matches. and problems of survival of sports clubs, which in addition to the sports offer are also “beacons of remembrance of the occupied land”.

“It is tragic that our young people want to play sports and that the state cannot have the facilities to offer them a healthy alternative,” he said.

He added that they agreed with the CMO, the Ministry of Education, the school ephorates and other bodies, to meet again in a month to pave the way for those changes so that the refugee associations can have a better sports infrastructure.

DISY MP George Karoulas said that all refugee associations have a role and a reason for existence, as they unite around their name every origin, especially the new generations of refugees and “it is our obligation to support them.” He added that they were suggested and decided by the Commission that the authorities, CMOs, school boards, municipalities and the Ministry of Education, should coordinate their actions for the rational distribution of available resources and infrastructure in order to achieve the goals of these sports clubs.

AKEL MP Andreas Kafkalias stated that the dramatic position in which these unions have fallen has been confirmed through the discussion, several of which emit a danger signal, especially the refugee unions. The government and the COM, he said, were not convinced they were doing what they needed to do to support the unions.

“So fatally we came to these realities, to these limit points for the clubs, that is, not to find stadiums for matches and training,” he said.

He also spoke of insufficient sponsorships that receive problems with the Stadium Licensing Authority. All this, he added, confirms the lack of political will of the Government and this needs to change.

On behalf of ELAM, Geadis Geadis stated that sports should be for everyone, that is why the state must support sports by all means, especially when it comes to refugee associations. He added that in the opposite case, some people do not realize the need for sports, as is the case with the fan card and the demonstration of a pcr test to enter the stadiums, two meters that have locked the sports facilities and have created huge financial problems. in groups.

EDEK MP Andreas Apostolou referred to the field problem and the problem that concerns the facilities for the training of these clubs. He said that they asked the President of the COM to record the needs per sport and province and to appear before the Parliament before the next session. He added that they asked for coordination between the CMO, school boards and the Ministry. Education so that when plans are made to upgrade and create new stadiums, the needs of the clubs that use them in the afternoon are taken into account. He said that as they have been told there is an influx of young people towards sports, however there are not enough sports facilities to accommodate this interest.

He added that the second problem is the sponsorships and asked the CMO to give full information about the sponsorships of these associations and to see if they can request an increase of these sponsorships. He also said that RIK2 could be used to give time for the promotion of these sports, so that they have additional income. He mentioned this suggestion, he is viewed positively by the COM and the unions, however, the response of RIK is also needed, which, as he said, did not attend today's session, although it was requested.

DIPA MP – Cooperation of Democratic Forces Alekos Tryfonidis, said that a serious suggestion is to increase sponsorship to team sports other than football, from the Taxation Authority to the State, from 0.5% to 3%, something which will automatically bring the solution of most of the financial problems. He also said that the School Ephorates, which are responsible for the management and maintenance of the field facilities, should be supported so that they can in turn provide the high level of services required of them.

He also said that they asked to submit the real needs of the associations, the exact amounts of the grant from the COM and within a month the President of the Organization will submit suggestions and proposals, in order to practice political intervention in the Ministry of Education for the best possible problem solving.


Source: politis.com.cy

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