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The election campaign goes online, with trolls, ZOOM and Facebook

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The election campaign goes online, with trolls, ZOOM and Facebook

Cafes and clubs became ZOOM and other online communication platforms. Facebook, twitter, Instagram and other social media become the arena of self-promotion of candidates and positions and the space of public debate.

Or rather, the space of many parallel monologues with fire here and there. Theaters, on the other hand, are being timidly turned into candidate venues, with parties taking advantage of the fact that a number of people are allowed to attend. In short, this is the pre-election amid a pandemic and restrictive measures for large gatherings, traffic and visits.


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At the same time,… trolls thrive on Social Media. A kind of satire against some or negative advertising against others that give and take on all social networking platforms. A phenomenon which, however unnoticed by many or is exhausted in laughter or not, which can cause their degree of success, is of great concern to the party staffs, with the parties now at the highest level of their organs, to organize “percussion groups”. . Send them? The response to the trolls of the opposing political forces with corresponding trolls that will refer in a similar way to the opponents. Of course, in this part, some parties are far ahead of others. With the main opposition parties being in a more advantageous position, plus of course most parody accounts and other similar pages come from opposition sites or are controlled by people who are not friendly to the government. In this piece, of course, everyone has their secret weapons, which they try to keep secret. It is certain, however, that this chapter is now intensely occupied by the parties and at least the big ones have assigned a specific role to a group of people to control, create and respond accordingly to the internet trolls.

But beyond the trolls, the parties have now invested significantly in the issue of online information and promotion of candidates, as the evolution of the pandemic this year does not allow pre-election in the traditional way. These data strongly occupied the leaderships of the parties due to the particularity of the situation, but also the special pitfalls that the internet can hide and for this they organized special information seminars for their candidates.

As we are able to know, in Pindarou, the DISY candidates and the party executives sat at the desks and took lessons on the basic rules of using the internet and protection from the hidden traps. As for the strangers who comment on posts or seek to talk online with candidates, as well as the photographic material that should accompany their meetings and contacts and the content of their posts.

In Hezekiah Papaioannou, although self-promotion through Social Media can be considered a kind of factorization, there is some relaxation, because otherwise there is no alternative so far due to a pandemic. However, it is strictly forbidden for a candidate to post a sponsored post or to publish anything that can be considered as a tip or a report that works to the detriment of his fellow candidate.

DIKO has already completed a cycle of online presentation of candidates and discussions on various topics by candidates. Who, through online communication platforms, talk to party members, recording positions, views and problems by region and by competence. An online campaign against sexual harassment will also start on Monday.

The other parties are moving at the same pace, with the internet so far being their main field of action. Everyone is waiting for the relaxation of the measures to go out, on a march to the local clubs and organizations. Because, as the party staffs characteristically state, nothing replaces personal contact and no other pre-election method has the same impact.

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