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The election victory of Phidias Panagiotou in the international press

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    “He left traditional strong parties behind” – Numerous publications in the international press

    The electoral victory of 24-year-old Pheidias Panagiotou in EuroElections, known for its online pranks and with over 2.6 million subscribers on social media, has been featured in a number of publications in the international press.

    According to foreign reports, without political experience and with an apparent indifference to traditional political paths, Panagiotou captured the third largest percentage of votes in Cyprus. His success reflects voters' growing disenchantment with established politics and the need for new, uncompromising voices.

    The relevant publications about Mr. Panagiotou's electoral success add that also known as “Pheidias”, the new MEP, thanks to his strong presence on social media, has shot into the political spotlight, leaving traditional strong parties behind. His election is seen by analysts as a warning to political parties to modernize and listen to the people, as the influence of social media on election results appears to be growing rapidly.

    “He left behind traditionally powerful commas”

    “A youtuberrookie elected as MEP of Cyprus” was the title of the relevant BBC report on June 10 about Mr. Panagiotou's election victory. According to the publication, 24-year-old Panagiotou, who has over 2.6 million subscribers, managed to gather the third highest percentage of votes, at 19.4%, despite his lack of political experience. The British network notes that Mr Panagiotou is known for his pranks, such as attempts to hug 100 celebrities and spending a week in a coffin. Nevertheless, his election has been interpreted as a warning to political parties that they need to modernize and listen to the people. Despite his lack of political experience, the election of Panagiotou is seen as a reflection of growing disappointmentwith traditional politics and the desire for fresh, uncompromising voices in the European Parliament.

    On the same subject Euronewsin a publication entitled “The Phenomenon of Phidias Panagiotou in Cyprus” on June 10, he wrote that 24-year-old Phidias Panagiotou, the son of a priest without a university degree but with a strong presence on social media as an influencer, managed to be elected as a third force MEP in Cyprus, leaving behind him traditional strong parties of the Megalonisos.

    This event caused surprise and satisfaction to him, as can be seen from the videos he uploaded on TikTok on Sunday night, from the celebration he organized in the center of Nicosia, it is added . According to the European network, Phidias Panagiotou is a person who has aroused the interest of the Cypriot media.

    The Cyprus Radio Foundation characterizes his electoral success as a “political earthquake”, while Kathimerini of Cyprus refers to the “winners and losers of the most paradoxical electoral battle in the History of Cyprus”. Politis, on the other hand, questions whether Phidias can be accused of being “apolitical”. Euronews recalls that Mr. Panagiotou has been the subject of discussion in the international media in the past, due to incidents such as his embrace with Elon Musk and the use of means of transport without a ticket in India and Japan, for which he later apologized.< /p>

    The Phidias phenomenon in Europe

    The Washington Post, in an analysis titled “These candidates who won seats in the European Parliament this week are not who you'd expect” on June 11, points to the surprising results of the European Parliament elections, where non-traditional candidates, including social media influencers and imprisoned people, won seats. Mr Panagiotou from Cyprus, without a political affiliation but with considerable influence on social media, captured almost a fifth of the vote, reflecting a shift away from traditional party politics.

    In addition, Spain's anti-immigrant social media influencer Alvise Perez won three seats with his unorthodox “Party is over” campaign, disrupting the dominance of the far-right Vox party. In Germany, Maximilian Krah of the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD), despite his campaign scandals and expulsion from his party delegation, managed to secure a seat. His controversial comments and connections underscored the turmoil within the AfD. In Italy, activist Ilaria Salis, under under house arrest in Hungary for allegedly attacking far-right protesters, was elected through a major write-in campaign, drawing public sympathy and demand for her repatriation.

    These and other similar electoral successes highlight a major shift in the European political landscape, with voter disenchantment and the growing influence of social media allowing non-standard candidates to gain prominent roles in European politics, it added.

    < p>Noted just before the European elections, and specifically on June 2, Politicofocused on the case of Mr. Panagiotou with an analysis entitled “A TikToker creates political waves in Cyprus ahead of the European elections”. According to the publication, Mr. Panagiotou, a 24-year-old online influencer, admitted shortly before the polling time that he knows nothing about politics, but added that he cannot tolerate the continued dominance of “nerds” in Brussels.

    “Pheidias”, as Panagiotou calls himself, has amassed around 2.6 million subscribers on his YouTube channel since he started posting in 2019. He rose to fame by embarking on a mission to embrace the platform's billionaire owner X, Elon Musk (he finally made it). Announcing his candidacy in January, Panagiotou confessed he had no idea about politics or the European Union, but claimed he was willing to learn. Experts argue that the candidacy of Panagiotou represents “post-politics” at a time when the spectacle and impressing the masses is more important than the substance and the established political discourse, he concludes.

    Source: cyprustimes.com

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