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The Embassy of Cyprus calls on Cypriots to avoid crowded places in Moscow

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ΚαλεΙ τουσ Κyπ ριους να αποφεύγουν πολυσύχνα&sigma τ&alpha? Κyπρου

The Embassy of Cyprus in Moscow calls on the citizens of the Republic, who are in Moscow, to avoid crowded places and places of gatherings and to monitor the relevant announcements of the Russian Authorities.

This is stated in a post on the Embassy's account on the social network X (formerly Twitter), which cites information published in the media “about the risk of terrorist attacks at places of mass gatherings in Moscow.” Women's Day, which is an official state holiday, is celebrated solemnly throughout Russia today during traditions.

An emergency security directive for American citizens to avoid crowded places for the next 48 hours was issued a little earlier by the US embassy in Moscow, citing “reports that extremists have imminent plans to target large gatherings in Moscow, including concerts.” .

> their departure from the country and to avoid any travel throughout Russia.

The previous day, with a corresponding directive, the German Embassy in Russia warned its citizens that there is a strong possibility of their arrest by the Russian authorities.

With its commentary, the specialized publication “Vogenoe Obozrenie” (=Military Review) pointed out that “the Americans did not name the origin of the potential terrorists, limiting themselves to the mildest possible formulation “extremists”, claiming that “the information of Western embassies about terrorist preparations strikes can be explained by the fact that the attacks are apparently being prepared by the Ukrainian Central Directorate of Espionage (a.k.a. the secret service of the army), which is completely run by the secret services of these countries and is known for its dedication to carrying out terrorist attacks strikes on the territory of the Russian Federation”.

Margarita Simonyan, director of the Russian television network Russia Today, spoke of a coordinated reaction by the US and British Embassies, noting that “if any of the Western countries have specific information, then they should pass it on through the secret services. I hope you did, because if not, it's synergy.”

In the context of the escalating diplomatic confrontation between Moscow and many Western countries, the Russian Foreign Ministry yesterday called on the central mansion of the US Ambassador in Moscow Lynn Tracy, where she was informed that “any attempts by the US to get involved in the internal affairs of our country will be strictly prevented up to and including the expulsion from the country of the diplomats involved in these efforts with the status of persona non grata”. The American Ambassador was also informed that the activity of three American non-governmental organizations in Russia was deemed undesirable and the American diplomatic authority was called upon to cease all cooperation with them on the territory of Russia.

Source: KYPE

Source: reporter.com.cy

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