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The Environmentalists Movement supports the Auditor General

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The Environmentalists Movement – Citizen Cooperation supports "transparency against the deep state" and supports the Auditor General, said the President of the Movement, Giorgos Perdikis, speaking at today's press conference on the position of the Environmentalists in relation to the request for the suspension of the Auditor General by the Attorney General.

Mr. Perdikis invited the parties, organized groups and citizens who agree to organize events and actions in support of the Auditor General to come to the first organizational meeting on Wednesday, May 8, at 8:00 p.m., in the Aphrodite room at the Kleopatra Hotel in Nicosia.

Referring to the "indictment" against Odysseus Michaelidis, which has been published in newspapers, Mr. Perdikis said that the Attorney General dismisses the Auditor General for misconduct and most of the points that have been published concern, as he said, the son or sister of the General Auditor, the representative of the Audit Service and the former partner of the Auditor General, Mr. Hasapopoulos.  

"This indictment could be ridiculous if it did not come from a serious institution that should show the appropriate seriousness for the case that corresponds to the seriousness of the institution that represents it. It is dangerous to accuse an Official, Member of Parliament, politician for what his son, sister or cousin says or stands for. he said.

He continued, saying that "there is an element, a whiff of fascism in this indictment and citizen censorship, and we think it proves that indeed what is disturbing is criticism, indeed what is disturbing is transparency, indeed what is disturbing is control. The defense of the Auditor General is therefore not personal, it does not concern the person himself. It is precisely about the defense of these values, transparency, criticism, control».

The President of the Environmental Movement – Citizens' Cooperation said, in addition, that the Attorney General's decision to appeal to the Supreme Judicial Council against the Auditor General for misconduct is "unacceptable".

As he said "this is the culmination of a conflict that has been going on for years between the deep state of the Republic of Cyprus and the Auditor General, Odysseus Michaelides. It is characteristically stated that the former President Mr. Anastasiadis had threatened the Auditor General several times with the application of the suspension procedure. This happened every time reports of the Audit Service or public statements of the Auditor General disturbed the evil regime of the Anastasiades government, he noted.

Mr. Anastasiadis, continued Mr. Perdikis, had also come into conflict with the then Attorney General Kostas Cleridis for the same reason. "It cannot escape our attention that the General and Assistant Prosecutor are former Ministers of the Anastasiades Government" he added.

Mr. Perdikis called on President Christodoulidis to "abandon the attitude of Pontius Pilate". "We are not asking him to testify in favor of the Auditor General as Mr. Anastasiadis did. But it must be placed on the essential political question: Is transparency, criticism and auditing inappropriate behavior? All political parties and every citizen must answer this question. he said.

«However, the fact that while society is clearly positioned, the majority of political parties ostrich and are unable to position themselves clearly gives us a sad impression. Since his appointment, the Auditor General has performed his duties with a conscientiousness and zeal that no one can dispute. He was not infallible, after all, who is infallible?, he concluded.

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