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The EU secured five billion euros for Syrian refugees

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Brussels stressed that refugees should not be “forced to return” to their country

Five billion euros promised to give international donors for the Syrian refugees, under the auspices of the European Union, with Brussels stressing that they should not be “forced to return” to their country.

At the annual meeting organized by the EU, chaired by its foreign policy chief Giuseppe Borrell, Brussels promised to make available 2.12 billion euros in the period 2024-2025.

This amount includes funds amounting to 560 million euros that he had already promised to make available for Syrian refugees in Lebanon, in Jordan and Iraqthis year; next year, an equal amount of funding is expected.

Furthermore, the EU has promised to allocate an amount within billions of euros for Syrian refugees in Turkey.

“The situation in Syria is more serious today than it was a year ago. In fact, it has never been this serious and the humanitarian needs have never been this great,” said Giuseppe Borrell.

“Today, 16.7 million Syrians are in need of humanitarian aid,” a number that is “at the highest level since the beginning of the crisis 13 years ago,” he added.

The European commissioner in charge of humanitarian affairs, Janes Lenarcic, said donors had pledged another 2.5 billion euros in loans, specifying that the EU and its member states would provide around three-quarters of the allocations.

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugeesrecently warned that its operations to support displaced Syrians continue to face a problem of underfunding — only 15% of the established budget has been covered — for almost six months.

Countries in the region that have taken in millions of refugees from Syria are increasingly pushing for a “voluntary” return to their country.

However Mr Borrell warned against any attempt to force refugees to return to Syria. “Voluntary returns are voluntary returns. Refugees should not be forced to return to Syria,” he said. “We believe that there is no safe, voluntary, informed and dignified return for refugees to Syria at this time,” he insisted. central demand for the democratization of the country, claimed the lives of over half a million people and turned millions of the country's citizens into internally displaced persons and refugees.

Source: 24h.com.cy

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