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The European involvement in the five-party system is a puzzle

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The European involvement in the five-party system is a puzzle

The role that the European Union can play in the new effort in the Cyprus issue is one of the issues that concern both Nicosia and Athens. Josep Borrell's visit to Cyprus this week (March 4-5) and his contacts with both the Cypriot government and the Turkish Cypriot leadership may provide a clue as to the EU's intentions.

Nicosia considers that the circumstances are such that they favor a more active role on the part of the European Union. Diplomatic radars show an increased interest from the European side in relation to the new effort in the Cyprus issue, which stems from the concern of Brussels for the form of the solution of the problem.


The leaders also received an official invitation for a five-day Golgotha and after Easter Low flight to Geneva for the Cyprus issue

One of the questions that may be answered during Borrell's trip to Cyprus is whether this EU interest will translate into immediate involvement. A second question that arises regarding the European role is the form of the solution of the Cyprus problem that will be favored. Messages of disagreement have been sent from the direction of Brussels regarding the Turkish position for a two-state solution. It is up to this disagreement to be seen in practice.

The circumstances are considered favorable for a more active involvement of the EU in the Cyprus issue. The weight that Turkey is throwing for a positive result in the next European Council (March 25-26), is a factor that favors the European Union to enter dynamically in the Cyprus process.

Nicosia is putting a lot of weight on the Europe factor at the moment. In addition to Borrell's visit, President Anastasiadis is scheduled to have a telephone conversation with German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Wednesday. For President Anastasiadis, the stance that Germany will take is a barometer of how the European Union itself will move.

Athens, however, is quick to tell its European partners that it has no intention of tolerating the remission of sins in Turkey because “Oruts Reyes has not returned to the Mediterranean for three months.” The Greek Foreign Minister, Nikos Dendias, reminded that Turkey's behavior remains under surveillance.


Source: www.philenews.com

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