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The explanation for not acquiring a defender, the additional problem of Santos and Anorthosis

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The explanation for not acquiring a defender, the additional problem of Santos and Anorthosis

They have turned their attention to the game with Anorthosis to APOEL. The spokesman of the blue and yellows, Nektarios Petevinos, gave statements (Super Sport FM 104.0) through which he was placed for the derby, the matches but also the fact that he was not acquired as a defender despite the injury of Santos-Vinicius.


For the derby with Anorthosis : “It is a very strong game, with two founding members. You realize that there are some games that only their glamor attracts interest. We are currently talking about two teams that are in the top three with the most people. All these elements will always be of interest to the world, regardless of the scoring position of each team. We look at our own team. We did not start the championship well, we have not done even half of what we expected our team to do. But we believe in our team. Let's go to “Antonis Papadopoulos” in order to continue the winning results, without wanting to make a good appearance. We are interested in the result “.

Regarding the pressure that exists in APOEL : “In the last games, APOEL is not the one that suits its history. At the same time, however, it is the team that receives the most criticism and analysis. I say this because it creates a stress factor that is quite burdensome. Of course, if you were not APOEL you would not have this pressure. This pressure was created by the history of APOEL. For the last ten years it has gone through the richest and most successful page in its history. This weight of success creates pressure. “Slowly and in the locker room, with the victories, with the training sessions and with the weight we give to the word team, I believe that we will fulfill the demands of the fans”.

For the match : “Rafael Santos when he was injured in Tsirio, had an examination and an MRI in the knee and we issued an announcement. Unfortunately, there was a problem above the knee. He underwent surgery and a full recovery was performed at the specific point. An important period must follow until its restoration, which will last five to six months. It was a rather unfortunate moment. From there, except for Okriashvili because of the card, Vinicius will slowly return in 4-5 weeks. Some other footballers with some minor problems are evaluated, as there are still training sessions. Mintikkis and Gabriel with the latter being ahead and having starts in training. “Ephraim, Diavara and Kvilitaia are at the disposal of the coach and we are waiting for who he will choose in the mission”.

On the fact that he did not get a defender : “The coach saw the internal solutions. He saw several children from the academies and the environment. We have six children who train with the A 'team. Some children are under 18 years old. From this point of view, we do not care, we are moving forward “.

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Source: gipedo.politis.com.cy

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